Advanced Sound Healer Training Spain

A Deepening Course for Graduates of our Sound Healer and Therapist Training!

Further your journey into the Power of Sound to Heal and Transform your Life and that of others.

Receive feedback from other Sound workers and therapists.

As a trained Sound Therapist you will have the opportunity to mix with other qualified therapists and to present your ideas or techniques to others.

Previous knowledge of Sound Therapy is required to attend this course, ideally you will have already attended our Sound Healer Training.

✧ 7 full days of training, practicing techniques under guidance and sharing knowledge and skills with the group.


For those who know the Dome, of course you will already be familiar with the tremendous power for focussing and facilitating all levels of Sound Work in this magical setting!

We will offer up-to-date information on cutting edge Sound Healing and Therapy techniques, as well as “deepening” and “broadening” information and techniques in the following areas:
Energy Work, Voice Healing, Harmonics and Sacred Geometry, Tuning Forks, Monochord and other therapy instruments.

Daily Sessions Covering:

✔️ Techniques and Creative Visualizations to Ground oneself and one’s clients, open the 3rd Eye, pineal and pituitary glands to increase perception and improve diagnostics.

✔️ Further practice with Tuning Forks on the Reflex points from different systems (Acupuncture, Reflexology, Shiatsu etc..) and the Biofields.

✔️ The Creation of Harmonic and Sacred Geometrical Grids for Focussing the Intention, enhancing the efficiency and amplifying the Healing power of a Sound Session, Sound Journey, Ceremony or other activity.

✔️ The addition of Quartz Crystals and other minerals to a Sound Session.

✔️ Advanced Overtone Singing techniques for healing and musical addition to Sound Journeys, healing concerts and other activities. We will also work on how to amplify the Overtones and project them more clearly.

✔️ Voice Work: Finding the Inner Song to enhance the healing process.

✔️ Communication and Teaching skills. Techniques to improve your self-confidence and delivery of information.

✔️ Introduction and Instruction (with practical exercises) of the delivery of a “Free your Voice” Workshop, based on Michele’s book “Free your Voice, Heal your Life!”.

✔️ Working with the Endocrine System and their relationship to the Chakra system.

* Nestor and Michele will cover as much of the above material as time and circumstances permit and reserve the right to edit the program at any time.

Previous knowledge and experience of Sound Healing is required. Ideally you already have our Sound Healer Diploma.

“Michele and Nestor, your teachings and courses are so profoundly life changing. You both share your wisdom, and knowledge of sound so naturally and effortlessly – and I find myself remembering and learning still so much from your teachings. The amazing dome and place and space in which one studies and stays is still in my heart, it’s so beautiful. Thank you. Love, light and sound”

– Bejay Watson (South Africa)

Price and Booking

Single Payment option

1175 €

Two Payment option

400 €

The balance of 775€ to be paid 6 weeks before the start of the course. Final price: 1175€.

The price of the training includes: 

• Morning sessions at the Dome Centre with Michele & Nestor.

• Afternoon open workshops at the Dome Centre curated by course participants.

• Notebook & Course Notes.

• Practice instruments during the Training. 

• All meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Breakfast offers Vegetarian options, Lunch and Dinner is 100% Vegan). Special Requirements menus can be provided for, with a daily added supplemental price, please contact us for this service.

• Accommodation at The Dome Center in shared bedrooms
If you decide to reserve accommodations elsewhere this will not affect the overall cost of the training
• A certificate upon completion accredited by The International Association of Sound Therapy


Module 1: The Science and Theory of Sound Therapy

• How sound affects us on all levels of our Being

• Cymatics and other Sciences realted to Sound and Vibration

• The relationship of Sound and Energy to Matter and Form

• The Origins, History and Science of Sound Healing and Shamanism

• How Sound Therapy works through Sympathetic Resonance

Module 2: Energy Management

• Practical techniques to take conscious control of the energy that flows through us, using the power of Intention, Creative Visualization, and the Voice

• Instruction on the application of Energetic tools for use during a Therapy session

• Full In-depth Sound Therapy Protocol

• Instruction on how to use Energy Management to create a Safe Container, for protecting your own energy, and that of a client or group

• How to prepare your Therapy room for a treatment

• Full instruction on establishing the parameters for a safe Sound Therapy practice

• Space Clearing and Grounding

• Sensitivity training and Active Listening

Module 3: Free Your Voice

• Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Voice

• Conscious breathing. Working with the breath and exploring the 4 diaphragms

• Instruction on the correct placement of breath for creating your sound

• Techniques on how to comfortable and powerfully project your sound

• Exploring your sound with the understanding that your Voice is the blueprint of your vibration

• Discovering your register and it’s correspondence to the 4 elements. Learn how to self-diagnose to bring about change and transformation

• Practical vocal and Intoning techniques to discover your authentic voice

• Exercises for developing the self-healing potential of your voice through working with the Vowel sounds

• Your Name is your Mantra. Experience the healing potential of consciously working with your identity

• Learn how to free your voice from past programming that has blocked your ability to sing

Module 4: The Healing Voice

• Instruction on how to conduct a sound therapy session in which your client is actively participating with their own voice

• Discover powerful vocal exercises for enabling your client to address and heal trauma + negative programming

• Instruction on how to conduct a sound therapy session in which your client is passively laying on a therapy bed

• Understanding the function of the Biofields and Chakra system

• Learn mindful techniques on how to harness the vibration of your Intention

• Instruction on how to create and project a powerful and clean sound

• Discover how to combine your Intention and your sound to create a healing vibration

• Exercises for developing your ability to direct your healing sound towards your client in a therapy session

• Learn Vocal scanning through the application of sympathetic resonance for diagnostic purposes

• Learn how to Read on the “Name” to receive information from subtle bodies of your client

• Instruction how to safely navigate with your healing sounds through the Biofields of your client

• Instruction on how to clean, balance and harmonize the Chakra system of your client

• Practical one-to-one treatment exercises with other students to improve your skills and build self-confidence

• Experience the sacred power of Mantra and the importance of keeping the chants alive

Module 5: Overtone Singing

• The History of Overtone singing and its discovery in the West

• The Theory of Overtones or Harmonics: Pythagoras and other sources

• Breathing exercises to strengthen the voice and diaphragm

• The Single Cavity Technique and its applications

• The Dual Cavity Technique and its applications

• Technique for singing clear flute-like or bell-like overtones above your voice

• Daily Overtone practice during the course for steady improvement during the 2 weeks

• The application of Overtone Singing in Therapy Sessions

• The use of Overtone Singing for creating Therapeutic Music and Meditative States

• Accompanying Overtone Singing with other instruments: Shruti box, Tanpura, Monochord etc

• Sound as a tool for raising personal and planetary frequency

• Sacred Geometry Part 1: The relationship between Sound, Musical Intervals and Ratios, and physical Form

• The effect and use of certain musical intervals and ratios on one’s state of being

• How to apply Natural Tuning through Overtones to restore balance and harmony

• Integrating Overtone singing into a Therapy session

Module 6: Himalayan Singing Bowls & Quartz Bowls

• The origin, theory and applications in self–healing and applied healing. Includes practical sessions on healing the physical and subtle bodies

• An introduction to the history and origins of the singing bowls

• Practical guidelines on selecting the correct mallet & stick for the different sizes of the bowls

• How to select your singing bowls

• Instruction and practice on how to activate the bowls

• Clear instruction, through demonstration, on the practical application of the bowls in a healing session

• Learn how to scan and receive information on the Biofields with the bowls

• Instruction on how to clean, balance and harmonize the Chakra system of your client using the bowls

• How to safely place bowls on the physical body of your client

• Instruction & application of the Grounding bowls

• Learn how to create Sacred geometrical grids with singing bowls around the body of your client in a therapy session

• Practical one-to-one treatment exercises with other students to improve your skills and build self-confidence

Module 7: Tuning Forks

• Introduction to Tuning forks: History and origins, different sets and their origins

• Tuning Forks and their application in Sound Health Therapy

• SonoPuncture – the application of Tuning Forks on reflex points of the meridians, feet, hands and spine

• Osteophony – the application of Tuning Forks on the articulations and other bony processes of the body

• Diaphony – the Bio-Energetic application of Tuning Forks on the Chakras and in the Subtle Energy Bodies (aura)

• Intervals and Ratios continued, (the relationship between sounds) and their effect on the human system on mental, emotional, and physical levels

• Introduction to the practical applications of Tuning Forks: How to hold, activate and apply a Tuning Fork

• Sacred Geometry part 2: The physical structure of Sound and its reflection in Nature. Harmonic re-patterning through Sound

• One-to-one practice sessions with the different sets of Forks

Module 8: The Healing Vibration of Colour and Sound

• The Healing Vibration of Colour

• Instruction on how to incorporate Colour in your sound healing treatment


Module 9: The Integration of other Therapeutic and Acoustic Instruments

• The medicine of the Drum and instruction on how to apply the drum in your treatment

• The medicine of the Ocean Drum and instruction on how to apply the Ocean drum in your treatment

• Integrating and learning the application of other instruments such as: Monochords, Gongs and hand-pans (Hand-drum type instruments), Native American flute, Overtone flute, Ddigeridoo (learn the circular breathing technique), Native drums, Rattles, Ocean and River drums, and more..

• Instruction on the healing applications of each instrument

Module 10: Advanced

• How to conduct a professional Sound Journey (Sound “Bath”) Session for groups, with a variety of Therapeutic and Acoustic instruments

• Advanced energy management with instruction in Energy Protection, cleaning of spaces, rooms and energy fields, as well as the treatment area

• How to give a complete Sound Healing session by introducing and combining voice, bowls, tuning forks and other instruments

Harmonic Integration: Evaluation and Certification

• Revising and integrating the entire course. Bringing all the Knowledge and Practice together into a harmonious whole

• Practical sessions of a Full Therapy Session to integrate all the tools of the Training

• Exams in the form of Practical evaluation 

• Diploma Ceremony

Additional Content

Evening Activities:

• Private Concert by Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum

• Canta Mantra Circle

• Sacred Sound Ceremony in the Tipi

• Percussion Circle

• The Naming Ceremony

• Chanting in Nature’s Sacred Spaces Visit to a Sacred Cave for a Shamanic chanting and drumming session (this activity will be during the day)


• Didgeridoo (circular breathing technique)

• Learn about the Native American flute and its various techniques 

* The training is given in English and Spanish

* The group is limited to 22 participants