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With up to two months advance notice and only with a doctor’s note, we will return the deposit minus an administrative fee of 20% of your payment. After this date we will return only 50% of the deposit with a doctor’s note as proof of illness. IN ANY CASE, the deposit will only be returned AFTER THE EVENT HAS TAKEN PLACE. In all other cases the deposit is non-refundable, being considered a firm commitment to attend the course.

Modification of the content of the Legal Notice: This document can be modified at any time in order to be updated in accordance with the functioning of the website and the content and services offered therein.


You have 14 calendar days after making payment, to reclaim your Right to Desist (Return the product) according to Spanish law, which is applicable in this case: Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, de 16 de noviembre (Consumer and User Rights). Only if you claim this right within the legal period of 14 days, will you receive back your payment in full, with no reductions or charges. After this 14-day period, all the conditions detailed ABOVE will apply. For reclamations, please write to or use our Contact Form.

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