Charli Kornblum

Vocal Coach · Song Weaver · Voice Therapist · Sound Therapist

Module: Ancestral Voice "Vocal Alchemy, Embodiment & Empowerment"

I invite you to enter a safe space without judgment, without conditions. A protected space where you can surrender fully to the present moment, flowing and feeling through your most powerful instrument.. your Voice. An opportunity to open up and listen to the messages you hold within, an opportunity to sing your truth, to discover your healing tool that you carry with you always.

I invite you to sing with me, to heal with me… to share your song.

Content of the Ancestral Voice “Vocal Alchemy, Embodiment & Empowerment” module with Charli Kornblum:

2 days full of exercises and processes that will make you remember.. remember and honor the healing power of your Ancestral Voice, returning to your center.. to your truth, to your essence.

  • Breath as a reflection of our sound. Conscious breathing exercises and practices to deepen our relationship with our life force and willingness to surrender.  How we breathe is how we sound.
  • Embodying your voice and strengthening your vocal capacity, understanding where the energy of your sound is born from.
  • Honoring your voice, honoring the voice of others.
  • Awakening, liberating and listening to the sounds of the Earth. Connecting with ancient timelines and sacred songlines deep within.
  • Vocal play and improvisation. Connecting with your inner child.
  • Cleaning and clearing of limiting beliefs, old patterns and deep programming associated to shame and embarrassment around our sacred voice.
  • The power and importance of sound and movement.
  • Create your own medicine chant. The song of the moment.
  • Energy and healing work with voice.
  • Singing circle and sharing.
  • Falling in love with your authentic and wild voice. Reclaiming your rawness.
  • And more…


Charli Kornblum is a Holistic Voice Practitioner, Vocal Coach, Sound Therapist, Song Weaver and Overtone Singer.


Charli has performed in numerous festivals internationally, with her solo project and her joint group with her partner Heiko Bloemers, “Charli & Heiko”. Her songs and chants are a liberation and freedom of her expression, an offering to the consciousness of this planet, and for whom ever resonates and connects with them. Singing for healing and re-connection, voicing her truth, experiences, sharing her feelings towards the universe and this sacred earth – always with the intention of spreading awareness, love and authenticity.

She offers Voice & Song workshopsOne to One voice coachingSound Therapy treatments and Sound Journey’s worldwide. Guiding and helping one to feel the vibration of their essence through their voice, releasing emotional and physical blockages to open one’s self to a path of remembrance and new beginnings.

Guiding you to get in touch and feel comfortable with your voice – through various exercises and processes that gift you tools to help you have the confidence to sing for you, for others, for who ever and when ever. Guiding you and helping you find your way of expressing yourself authentically through your voice. Because the expression of your soul through song is your birth right.

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