Charli is a Singer, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Overtone singer and Voice Therapist/Vocal Coach. Masseuse trained in TNDR, Chiromassage and Energy Massage. Photographer.
Since a very young age she has been connected with her voice, with her song. It has been her way of expressing her feelings, releasing her emotions and being self-sufficient. At 5 years of age she began to do Overtone Singing with her father, a pioneer in this technique. Traveling and sharing stage with her parents, (Nestor Kornblum & Michele Averard – musicians and pioneers in Sound Therapy in Spain) singing along with them in their concerts, letting herself flow freely with intuitive singing. From that
moment on, a confidence grew in her to later have great singing roles in theater shows and performances. At the age of 17 she became part of the women’s choir “Las Voces de Gaia”. At age 18, she formed her own Jazz, Reggae, Funk & Soul group. She has also sang for Amma in two occasions.
Charli has been experimenting with her voice for many years, mixing different styles and techniques from diverse cultures. Always letting herself express any sound that flows through her, she is passionate about the combination of different fusions and musical genres and loves collaborating with different artists as well as working on her solo music.
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At the moment she is currently focused on her own music – singing her truth, using singing for healing and reconnection, sharing her feelings towards the universe, beings, nature, her experiences… first for her and then with whom ever resonates and connects with it.
Apart from her solo work, she currently has two musical projects;
· Unison Project: She is the lead singer of this group of original mantras and songs.
· Charli & Heiko; Duo of voice, guitar and other instruments, along with her partner, Heiko Bloemers. A fusion of free jazz-soul & ancestral tribal music, original songs of music and conscious lyrics.
For the last few years she has given Voice workshops and classes, guiding and helping one to feel the vibration of their essence with their song, releasing emotional and physical blocks to open one’s self to a new path of new beginnings. Guiding you to get in touch and feel comfortable with your voice, with the sound of your voice, playing with different exercises to help you have the confidence to sing for you, for others, for whoever and whenever; creating songs of the moment, be they sounds with melodies, with lyrics or no lyrics.. She will guide you and help you find your way of express yourself authentically with your voice.. Because the expression of your soul through song, is your right.
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“Finding your true sound takes time and at the same time is constantly changing,
adapting to your feelings in each moment. Letting sounds flow naturally, without any condition is a way of
giving yourself love. Singing has helped me to be authentic with myself, to express my truth .. bringing
freedom, freedom, peace and confidence .. to be in the present moment, awakening my true self, and
therefore, I am eternally grateful to the power of sound . “Charli Kornblum

I invite you to enter a safe space, without judgment, without conditions… a clean space where you can surrender fully to the present moment.. flowing and feeling through your most powerful instrument.. your Voice. An opportunity to open up and listen to the message you hold within… an opportunity to sing your truth, to discover your healing tool that you always carry with you.
I invite you to sing with me, to heal with me… to share your song.
A day full of exercises and processes that will make you remember.. remember and honor the healing power of your Ancestral Voice, returning to your center.. to your truth, to your essence.
• Conscious breathing.
• Opening up to feel comfortable with your body and your sound.
• Honor your voice, honor the voice of the other.
• Sing and share in a group.
• Awaken, release and listen to the sounds of the Earth within you.
• Play, improvise and create with internal sounds.
• Cleansing and cleaning programming and charge in our Voice with intentional healing.
• Movement with Voice.
• Create your song of the moment.
• Energetic work with sound.
• Circle of singing and sharing.
• Falling in love with your authentic and wild sound.
And more..

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