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Our voice carries the vibration of our whole history, from conception until the present moment. All the joy and pain we have experienced is contained within the register of our voice.

Our voice is the expression of who we are. It is the source of communication and the vehicle for transmitting our beliefs, our needs and desires. It is what brings into form and coherence our emotions.

Contained within our voice are our innermost secrets and intimate thoughts.

Our voice is the blueprint of our mental and emotional state. A harmonious sounding voice is the reflection of a harmonious mind. The Pitch and Tone of our voice convey our emotional state. The health of our nervous system can be measured by the rhythm and velocity of our speech.

Content of Free Your Voice – Heal Your Life! with Michele Averard:

* Breathing exercises for correct functioning of the diaphragm
* Your Body is your Instrument
* Explore the therapeutic effect of defining your register
* Free your Voice from negative programming
* Liberate and heal yourself from emotions that are blocking Your ability to Sing and express yourself
* Sound and intention. Techniques for directing your Sound for healing on the Subtle and Physical bodies.
* Your Name is Your Mantra. The healing potential of the Name And its therapeutic effects.
* Exploring the vowels and their powerful healing effects on the Chakras and Bio-Field.
* The Joy of singing Chants and sacred songs from different Traditions

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