Sound Therapy with Tibetan Bowls.

Hear the story about how “My Bowl” found me through a child
in Kathmandu, and how from there I started my healing journey with
the Tibetan bowls.

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Every time I play my bowl, I remember the first time I heard its Sound. I remember how it brought me back, reconnecting me to the essence of my vibration.

This experience is something I will never forget, and I hold that memory dear to me each time I use it in a healing session, Sound Journey or Concert.

Being able to offer this experience to someone and help them to reconnect to their essence, in this way, is a privilege. This, for me, is the real meaning of ‘healing’; being able to offer a Sound environment where people can feel themselves realign and regain their peace, harmony and well-being. 

Through my story I aim to inspire you to work with the singing bowls. In this video that I have prepared especially for you, I share my passion, my wisdom and my experience of the powerful medicine of the Himalayan Singing bowls.