Sound as an energy form is neutral. When that sound is directed it creates an effect.

Intention is what is used to direct that sound. Thus, intention is the 1st step in understanding how sound can be used to aid in a healing process.

Many books have been written on how to empower yourself with useful methods on harnessing and directing one’s intention. Intention or “consciously directed thought “is, in itself a complex vibration. For example, the mind comes up with an idea/thought. That idea starts to form in the auric field of the person in/on the mental layer, influencing and adjusting the vibratory rate of this field sending out a new signal. That signal becomes a powerful source of energetic frequency that starts attracting the same (harmonically related) resonance to it. We are usually unconscious of this and are pleasantly surprised when “coincidences” occur that enable us to pursue our idea. We call it “chance” or “luck” simply because we are not educated to understand the law of attraction. These days there are many examples of the law of attraction, and all serve to help us regain our respect for the power of our Intention.

A simple example of experiencing someone’s intention is by listening to a love song being sung by a singer who has truly experienced the intention of the song, and then hearing the same song being sung by some-one who hasn´t. You will perceive the difference, because the ‘singer in love’, will be the one to resonate your heart strings! This is called Sympathetic Resonance.

Remember that sympathetic Resonance is when one vibrating object causes another to vibrate in harmony with it or match its rate of vibration.

Experiencing ourselves as resonant beings can help us to understand that we are constantly Acting and Reacting to the vibrations we give out and attract to us.

As a sound therapist it is essential to have a strong belief in the power of your intention. Know that whatever sound you choose to use is holding the vibration of your intention. Being responsible for this understanding is essential in using Sound Safely.

There are many different methods that sound therapists use. The chromatic scale (the 7 white keys and the 5 black keys on the piano) is most often used for the “perfect intervals” created. These tones sound harmonious to our “Western ears”. However, a Shaman using sound for a healing, or a ceremony would not necessarily use these sounds as they would not resonate with him. Traditionally the Shaman would have learnt the appropriate chants, most likely passed down from his ancestors, to accompany him in his healings. His sounds would work for him because of his faith in them. The power of years of intentional vibration would be transmitted through his chanting. There would be no doubt that the sounds would be creating the required effect. If you asked the shaman about the context of his method, for example, the exact frequencies, scales or intervals he used, you would probably be disappointed with his reply if any. That information would not be important to him.

Understandable that information is important to us in our evolution. We don’t trust in a “blind faith doctrine” anymore because we have been manipulated and misled. We don’t have Shamans in our temples and there are few good teachers that can be trusted to guide us in our development as humans. We have, to a large extent, put all our faith in science, but there are still many questions left unanswered.

I believe that we need to educate ourselves, but not to the exclusion of our faith in the unknown. Or is it really the unknown?

I often find the answers in myself, in that part of me that feels right and when I trust that feeling and put it into action, then I am creating the possibility for a Sympathetic Resonance to occur.

Words by Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard. Copyright © 2022 Harmonic Sounds. All rights reserved.

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