The African Sound Journey

Join Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum for this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in Sacred and Healing Sound in the stunning Nature and Oceans of Southern Africa.

PART 1 The journey begins….

Kwendalo Wellness Centre, Sound Healing Intensive

Includes ‘WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY’ on the 14el February.

  • Dates: 13-17 February 2024 (Tuesday – Saturday)
  • Arrival: 13 Feb @ 16:00
  • Departure: 17 Feb after Breakfast

This Intensive Retreat will introduce you to the therapeutic power of Sound, with a focus on the Voice. Michele will share techniques and exercises from her successful book “Free your Voice, Heal your Life!”, and Nestor will share the secrets and extraordinary transformative techniques of Overtone Singing, supporting all participants to discover and sing their very own Overtones.

Additionally, both Michele and Nestor will share information and techniques that will be beneficial to practice on a daily basis and make it easy to integrate Sound into any therapy you already practice. The use of instruments such as Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, drum, and others, will also be discussed and demonstrated in this workshop.

This Workshop will include World Sound Healing Day, which is the 14el of February 2024 and will be celebrated by all participants joining in a worldwide Sacred Sound Intoning Meditation


At Kwendalo Wellness Centre: Will be in 6 Shared suite rooms for two, a total of 12 places, with breakfast, lunch and dinner included from arrival evening to departure morning.

Non Residential option for anyone staying locally, SA residents etc:

(You may stay off the premises at another location nearby: We will cater for you at lunchtime so you can join the other students, for approx. 17.50€ per lunch. (R350 – ZAR). You will be responsible for your own accommodation, transport to and from Kwendalo and breakfast as well as dinner. The cost of the course without accommodation or food will be 325,00€)

Please contact us directly to arrange non residential version:

Course Content:

✧ Introduction to Sound Therapy: The scientific basis of Sound Therapy

✧ Experience Unity and Oneness through group Intoning exercises

✧ Sound and Intention. Learn to direct your Sound for the healing of your Subtle and Physical bodies.

✧ Exploring the Vowels and their powerful healing effects in the Chakras and Energy bodies

✧ Liberate and heal emotions that are blocking your ability to sing and speak out.

✧ The Power of Sacred Chant

✧ The technique of Overtone Singing, which allows each person to sing two sounds at the same time, for wellbeing, inner peace, and therapeutic purposes.

How overtones help us to resonate in harmony with Nature.

✧ Harmonic proportions in Geometry and Sacred structures.

The application of vocal harmonics (overtones) to restore harmony in oneself and others.

✧ The role and application of various simple instruments and sound therapy tools, such as singing bowls, drums, tuning forks, and others – that require no musical knowledge.

No se requiere experiencia o conocimiento sobre los temas mencionados anteriormente.


Parte 2 18-25th February 2024 the journey continues…..

In collaboration with Halo Gaia Wellness Adventures and Travel

Michele and Nestor offer this truly unique opportunity to combine Sound and Nature with a big game Safari in South Africa and swimming with dolphins off the coast of Mozambique.

Nestor and Michele will share their knowledge and experience gained over 30 years of practicing and teaching Sound Therapy. 

This is a Sound Retreat with a difference! Each day we will use our breaks, in between the Safari outings and Dolphin swims, to sing, chant, learn to sing overtones and enjoy other sound offerings, such as a Sound Healing Concert with Michele, Nestor, and Courtney Ward (our host) as well as a Sound Journey and other enjoyable and informative Sound Activities.

Este Sound Journey will take place in South Africa and Mozambique, the first 3 nights at the Tembe Elephant Park (visit for more info: with its luxury game lodge, with two, 3-hour daily outings in an open Land Rover to see game. And then we will move to Ponta Malongane Beach Villas, on the Indian Ocean coast of Mozambique, where we will be going out twice daily by boat to swim with the dolphins. All dolphin interaction is respectful and conscious – on the dolphins’ terms and Nature’s conditions **

This will be the experience of a lifetime!

IMPORTANT: If you get boat sick or suffer from motion sickness you will need to bring your own medication (Scopolamine, Dramamine – pills or patches, or Concentrated Ginger etc.)

DAILY SOUND PRACTICE and other Sound events with Michele and Nestor:

  • Morning Intoning Circle and Energy Sound-work
  • Morning/afternoon Sound and Movement Circle: Gentle stretches and postures combined with Vocal exercises for experiencing wellbeing, relaxation and general warming up and grounding.
  • Daily Voice work with Michele:
  • Intoning the Chakras, Exercises to Free the Voice…
  • Overtone Singing tips from Nestor.
  • A Sound Journey: Group Sound healing experience (laying down) similar to a Sound Bath.
  • An evening Sacred Sound and Overtone Singing Concert


** NB: Halo Gaia Adventure Travel legally operates all Dolphin Scenic Tours under the “Transporte Marítimo Comercial de Trafego local de Passageiros” license issued to Malongane for education & conversation value-based commercial dolphin encounters in Southern Mozambique

This journey is for you if.....

✔️ Buscas transformación verdadera en tu vida.

✔️ Disfrutas cantando y deseas Descubrir tu Voz Autentica

✔️ Deseas aumentar tu Conocimiento y Experimentar el Poder Sanador del Sonido y la Voz

✔️ Eres Músico y te gustaría Explorar el Poder Terapéutico de la Voz y los Instrumentos

✔️ You’re a Therapist and wish to include Sound in your Healing modality

✔️ No tienes conocimiento sobre la Terapia de Sonido, pero sientes un llamado profundo para descubrir y explorar este mundo.

No se requieren conocimientos previos o experiencia con la Voz y la Sonoterapia.


The above prices include:

In addition to daily Sound Practices offered by Nestor and Michele

  • 3 Nights – sharing – Luxury Tembe Elephant suites
  • Transfer – Maputo Airport to Kosi Bay Border 
  • Return Transfer Tembe Elephant in S. Africa to Ponta Malongane
  • All meals – Breakfast – Lunch and dinner – / teas and coffees – Tembe Elephant
  • 6  x 3 Hour game safari drives  (over 3 days)
  • 4 Nights’ accommodation at Ponta Malongane Beach Villas
  • 3 x Wild Dolphin Ocean Safari 
  • Marine Reserve Reef tax
  • Use of Professional Snorkel gear – mask, fins, and snorkel
  • All safety briefing – basic snorkel course – Dolphin Etiquette
  • All in water Wild dolphin facilitation
  • 3 x three course dinners
  • 4 x two course brunch
  • All Facilitation & onsite guide by Courtney Ward
  • Medicine Songs and Sound Journey
  • Halo Gaia assistance pre-travel / booking
  • Teas and coffees / rusks

Price excludes :

  • Travel to and from your home country to South Africa / Mozambique – Maputo.
  • E-VISA registration for Mozambique ( R 200 per person . approx. €10)
  • Drinks – alcoholic & juices
  • Spa Session or massage (there is a Spa at the Tembe Elephant Lodge)
  • 1 x Evening meal in village