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MISTYKA- Training Course in Holistic Musical Creation

17 August, 2021/4:00 pm - 31 August, 2021/12:00 pm

- 1750€

With Diploma from The Association of Sound Therapy- HarmonicSounds



A creative process in which a group of musicians and singers, both beginners and experienced professionals, will learn and explore together in a transformational experience which will connect you with your Essence and your very own authentic language which you will then be able to express musically.


  • Two Intensive weeks with a Free day in the middle for rest and/or recreation
  • Only 18 places available
  • There are different spaces for practice, exploration and free expression
  • During the Training we will build a repertoire that we will perform in a Closing Concert, with the participation of the students and the facilitators.
  • Please bring your own instrument/s
  • During the training there will be the opportunity to experiment with instruments from all over the world.
  • There are 4 main professional Facilitators with an impressive International career in both training and different aspects of music.





    ✔You’re a musician who would like to learn how to improvise

    ✔If your musical education was very formal, in a music school or conservatory and you wish to enjoy music in an atmosphere of Freedom and Creativity

    ✔You wish to share with other musicians in a truly healthy, creative space in the middle of Nature

    ✔You wish to discover new musical styles and get to know instruments from all over the world

    ✔You want to begin composing your own pieces and don’t know how to connect with your inspiration

    ✔You wish to finally connect with your own musical language and bring out the music your Soul truly wishes to express

    ✔Your desire is to learn and practise music from an easy and accessible space, far from restrictive norms and rigid structures!



     ?Tools that will liberate you and with which you can express the music you have within you

     ?Connection with your authentic Voice and Movement

     ?An opportunity to create your own International Music Family, with you connect soul to soul.

     ?Artistic, creative and professional connections which will broaden your horizons.

     ?A closeness to music from the purity and freedom of practise which leaves aside norms and structures

     ?Tools to learn and cultivate an awareness of the fundamental elements in a Musical Circle: Listening, Communication, Connection and Harmonisation.

     ?How to use Sound as a vehicle for Healing

     ?Your very own Sound and musical language that defines you and makes you special and different.



    Professional musicians and singers from around the world

    Those who already play an instrument or some instruments

    Therapists who want to include music in their healing modality

    Sound Therapists who wish to deepen and broaden their creative music abilities

    Beginners who have recently acquired an instrument they wish to learn to use in creative improvisation.


    The Price of the Training Includes: Activities and materials for the training, and the practice instruments are provided. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (ovolactovegetarian. Special Needs menus can be provided for, with a daily added supplemental price, please contact us for this service).
    Accommodation at The Dome Center in shared bedrooms. If you decide to reserve accommodations elsewhere this will not affect the overall cost of the training.
    Scroll down to the bottom of this page for detailed information.


    Your reservation in a single payment



    Pay a part now and the rest 6 weeks before starting

    € 500 book now

    € 1250 six weeks before starting
    For deposits, and payments in full (with or without discount): If we cancel a course ourselves, we will return your deposit. In case of Force Majeure or other extraordinary occurrences beyond our control and not our responsibility, we will retain your payment for use in one of the 3 following training courses. We will return only 50% of a deposit if you have proof of serious illness or in the case of death in your immediate family (parent, child or spouse).
    For split payments: If we cancel, we will return your deposit. In case of cancellation due to Force Majeure which is not our responsibility your deposit will be held for one of the 3 following training courses. If you cancel for any other reason there will not be a refund option.
    We recommend that you take out FULL TRAVEL INSURANCE at the time of Booking your place on this Training Course which includes your travel and enrolment on the course. We will issue an official invoice for your payment/s, which will allow you to reclaim in full, from your insurance provider.

    MISTYKA will focus on and favour acoustic music as an Original Source of human expression, that possesses a therapeutic power and is capable of creating links and connections with our true Self and Feelings.

    If you are a Rock or Jazz musician, or a musician that has only explored electronic instruments, then This is your opportunity to connect with the Essence and Origin of Music!


    Oscar Jareño

    Born in Spain, Oscar Jareño is is multi-disciplinary musician, composer, musician and strudent of traditional music. He recreates popular music through contemporaneous parameters, in the majority of cases with influences from other latitudes. Co-director of Mistyka and coordinator of the teaching team, he is in charge of the rhythm department, percussion and traditional forms of singing.

    His first contact with music came at an early age through his mother, a well known singer in the Flamenco tradition, with whom he began to play percussion and drums. At first self-taught, he later studied percussion in the professional conservatory in Valencia with professors Jesus Salvador “Chapi” and Pau Ballester, of the group Amores Percusión.

    As a percussionist he is a professional of the cajón Flamenco, the txalaparta (ancient Basque instrument) and Iberian, oriental and Persian percussion.

    As a Singer he has his own Project Felah Mengus, with whom he has created two CDs.
    He also Works as an actor and composer for contemporary theatre, dance and audiovisuals.

    He is the creator, director and program director for the Mediterranean festival of music Al Dani which is celebrated in the town of Pedreguer, Alicante, Spain. Every year he coordinates musical courses given by invited experts in the most representative genres of traditional Mediterranean music.

    He assists  in musical studies and vocal expression in multiple projects, always from a holistic perspective and with a strong inclusion of movement and emotional expression.

    He is also a student of different corporal disciplines such as capoeira, contemporary dance, yoga and currently is training in Bioenergetics with the sensei Osamu Aoki (8th Dan)

    His investigation is based in finding a unique language that serves as a form of communication and expression, a powerful language in the service of the ALL of which we are all part.


    Is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Austria, resident in Spain, with a long
    and deep experience as a guitarist. In is sessions he combines this instrument with fretless
    guitar, sitar, bansuri, kalimba, keyboards, percussion and voice, among others.
    He favours improvisation, but his ample repertoire includes his own compositions, classical
    music, ethnic music and sacred chant. Amu interprets his music in a context of healing,
    meditation, yoga, ritual, mantra circles and sacred music from around the world. In Mistyka
    he will be in charge of Modal Music, musical improvisation and repertoire.

    Nestor Kornblum

    Director and co-founder of both The Association of Sound Therapy and Harmonic Studies (Spain) and the International Association of Sound Therapy, Nestor is an internationally acclaimed Sound Therapist and overtone singer. He is author of the acclaimed Book with CD “Overtone Chant-the Practical Guide”

    Since 1995, Nestor has explored and practiced the ancient art of overtone singing, also referred to as vocal harmonics, with particular attention to its therapeutic and meditational uses. An experienced teacher, he has now taught thousands of people the techniques of overtone singing and Sound Healing on 4 continents. He is one of a handful of Westerners to master the “Deep Voice” overtone chanting employed by Tibetan monks and Tuvan (Mongolian) singers, which enables him to sing up to four simultaneous notes, with a range of 5 octaves. 

    Nestor conducts regular courses (in English and Spanish) on sound healing, overtone singing and sound as a tool for personal and planetary transformation. Many of his courses are held in his “Dome Centre” in Spain. The Dome is a large hemispheric structure especially designed for its spectacular acoustics that amplify the subtle tones of the voice and acoustic instruments.

    He has been interviewed many times on television, radio and in the press in the countries where he presently works, as an expert on Sound Therapy. He has also written articles in English and Spanish on Sound Therapy which have been published in many of the countries he regularly visits.

    Due to his knowledge and ability to sing audibly the Overtone Series (Harmonic Scale), he has lectured and given Master Classes in many Universities and Music Schools 

    Together with his wife Michele Averard he has produced several CDs of healing/meditational music. The CDs have received acclaim from therapists in all areas of healing and transformation for their ability to provoke transformation, relaxation, stress release and healing.  

    Nestor is an eloquent and charismatic speaker and teacher, able to express complex concepts in easily understood terms, with plenty of humour, and is no stranger to large audiences. He is thoroughly versed in the science and practice of Sound as a healing modality.

    Nestor plays a variety of instruments including didgeridoo, monochord, tanpura, jaw’s harp, overtone flute, mouth bow and assorted percussion.

    Michele Averard

    Michele Averard, author of “Free your Voice, Heal your Life!” is a founding member and co-director of both the Spanish and International Associations of Sound Therapy. She is also a singer-songwriter of international repute. Since 1994 she has conducted courses, workshops and conferences on the healing power of Sound and particularly the Voice. With her husband, Nestor Kornblum, she has created and published more than 14 CDs of healing music. Michele has been interviewed and featured in television and radio programs in several countries, in addition to writing articles for magazines and other publications. She has directed various choirs and continues to give live concerts. Her woman’s ensaemble “Las Voces de Gaia” has been performing for 10 years and has 2 CDs published. A firm defender of women’s rights, she also offers workshops and organises festivals celebrating the Sacred Feminine. She and her husband have their own center “The Dome Retreat Center” that has served as their base in the Alicante province of Spain since 1997.

     Michêle plays guitar, tampura, monochord, koto, Native American flute, Tibetan Bowls and other  acoustic instruments.

    The Dome Center

    Our Center is a space for retreats, courses and activities in beautiful Natural surroundings, situated in the village of Alcalalí, Alicante, Spain

    The Dome was especially created for it’s  powerful acoustic resonance. It is a Healing and Sacred space for connecting with Sound and Intention.

    The Dome Center

    Our Center is a space for retreats, courses and activities in beautiful Natural surroundings, situated in the village of Alcalalí, Alicante, Spain

    The Dome was especially created for it’s  powerful acoustic resonance. It is a Healing and Sacred space for connecting with Sound and Intention.


    In the mornings:

    Every morning there will be a routine consisting of 3 Modules. This routine will offer a transformational base during the 2 weeks.

    Amu and Oscar will be in charge of this process.

    Liberate the tensions and blockages that can make difficult the creative process and prevent us from showing our true selves and our true expression through Movement and Sound


    Sound is not static, it’s always in motion. We will learn to accompany this energetic flow with our bodies in a way designed to move in an integrated and articulated movement. We will begin each morning with an exercise routine to tune and activate our body. We’ll also learn different techniques and trainings adaptable to any type of instrumentalist.


    The singer is instrument and player at the same time. The voice is our most intimate and essential instrument. We are all singers so each morning we’ll tune our voices with intoning exercises as a group, which will serve to connect with both individual and group energies.

    This space will also serve as a daily practice for the Overtone Singing and Vocal embellishments such as in Flamenco singing.


    In this space we will practise, each one with his or her own instrument, scales, embellishments, musical ornamentation and rhythms from a variety of musical styles from around the world.

    In the afternoons:

    We will develop the Training process though 5 Modules.

    In addition, there will be space for Composition, Creation and Rehearsal for the final concert.


    With Nestor Kornblum

    This Module offers a thorough grounding in the Techniques of Overtone Singing. Nestor will share his knowledge gained in 25 years of working with Overtone Singing.

    All participants will learn to sing TWO sounds at the same time. The pure, high, flutelike overtones that appear above the voice can be used to add another dimension to all types of music and particularly in musical improvisation. It is the Voice as Instrument. Students will have the opportunity to practice daily and will achieve a good control of the overtones during the 2 weeks.

    There will be suggestions and demonstrations of how Overtone singing can be combined with other forms of singing, from the shamanic to more traditional singing and also in different types of musical improvisation.


    with Oscar Jareño

    In ancient times people sang as part of their way of Life and it became necessary to accompany these songs and chants with musical instruments. In many cases these instruments were tools or other objects taken from the labours of daily life.    Rhythm and the knowledge of rhythm were essential, being transmitted from generation to generation by practical, experiential and oral tradition.

    In this Module, we will study some traditional rhythms and songs of the Iberian Peninsula as well as the techniques and interpretation they require, in order to adapt them to our Body and our Moment. This will take place in a completely secure and caring space, where, through a very specific type of bodywork we will have a deep encounter with our own Voice.


    with Michele Averard

    Michele will lead you on an internal journey that will overcome your limitations and help you discover your True Authentic Voice.

    She will share processes and exercises that will help you to recognise and experience yourself as a musical instrument. 

    Through working with unstructured vocal expression, you will feel empowered to create a new musical form which transmits and projects your own essence and intention. This module will help you to overcome any blockages and fear you may have with expressing your voice.



    with Amu

    Circle for learning and practice of Mantras, Ragas and Sargam (scales) and other basic aspects of Indian music


    with Oscar and Amu

    Four afternoons will be dedicated to the creation of a circle where we will apply all we have learned and cultivate an awareness of the fundamentals of a musical circle: listening, communication, connection and harmonisation through sessions of musical improvisation.

    This will also serve as the space for the learning and creation of the repertoire which will form the basis of our final closing concert.


    We will open another space which will include:

    • Concerts by the facilitators and invited artists
    • Open mic evening:  A space to share our own songs and compositions
    • Free jam sessions and improvisations 
    • Final Concert by the participants and the Diploma ceremony


    • Visit to the Caves of Pla de Petracos, a World Heritage site and ancestral mystical sanctuary for thousands of years
    • Free day to get to know the area if you wish, the sea and/or the mountains




    All meals are included. The food will be prepared by a qualified organic cook, and will be fully organic and vegetarian. Where possible local produce is used. Our excellent cooks are able to provide for special needs diets, such as gluten free and so on, although there will be an additional charge of €7 PER DAY due to the extra work involved and the cost of alternative ingredients.


    Will be at The Dome Center, in rooms for 2 or 4, and in two wooden cabins for up to 4 people. The rooms for 4 contain Bunk Beds. Let us know if you cannot have a top bunk.

    You may arrange additional nights by contacting us, if your flight plans require. Depending on the events at the Dome, additional nights may be in a nearby Country Inn/ B&B within 5 minutes’ walk of The Dome, at your expense.

    If you require a single room this can also be arranged at an additional cost in a nearby Rural B & B, only 5 minutes’ walk from The Dome.


    ARRIVAL TIME: Any time on the late afternoon, and before 19.00h of 16th August 2020

    DEPARTURE TIME: After breakfast on the morning of 31th August 2020


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      17 August, 2021/4:00 pm
      31 August, 2021/12:00 pm
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      The Dome
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      17 August, 2021/4:00 pm
      31 August, 2021/12:00 pm
      Event Categories:


      The Dome
      Cami La Racona
      Alcalalí, Alicante 03728 España