Frequently Asked Questions
Courses and Trainings

We have full confidence that our Diploma Training prepares students to begin practicing as Sound Therapists. While Sound Therapy is not yet a “legally recognized” therapy, one can in many countries join a Federation or Association of Alternative Therapies or Natural Therapies. These organisations usually recognize our certification and are able, in many cases, to offer Practitioner Insurance Coverage. This is the case in Spain, the UK, and many other countries. However, we have trained hundreds of Sound Therapists from around the world, who are now successfully exercising this profession in their respective countries.

We focus on the Voice as the principal instrument. Then Overtone Singing as a therapeutic tool, Himalayan Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks form the core of the Training. We also discuss and demonstrate the application and use of other instruments, which students may also use in the practice therapy sessions, such as: Monochords and other string instruments, Gongs and hand-pans (Hang-drum type instruments), Native American Flute, Overtone flute, Didgeridoo (and circular breathing), Native Drums, Rattles, Ocean Drums and other up-coming sound healing instruments.

You do not need any musical or singing experience to attend this course. We give all the necessary preparation and training, which includes highly effective material for freeing the voice and basic education in musical intervals and their therapeutic effects. The course will give you the confidence to apply the tools and techniques of Sound Therapy.

We accept a minimum age of 16, and may consider younger if accompanied by a parent who can vouch for the child’s emotional maturity. This is an intensive and intense experience, requiring emotional stability. Younger children may not accompany their parents to a course or Training.


Alicante (ALC) which is a little closer, and Valencia (VLC).

There are buses from the Airport until late afternoon. After the last bus or even during the day, we can arrange an Airport pick-up at much better rates than the Airport taxis. There is the possibility of sharing the Airport pick-up with other students arriving at a similar time to yourself, thus also sharing the cost. All travel details are sent to you after the booking process is completed.

The requirement to enter Spain are updated regularly as the situation changes and can be found on the official spain travel health website here.

The link above will also take you to the Online Forms that all travellers to Spain are required to fill in shortly before they fly. Vaccinations are not required to enter Spain at the current time.

Accommodation and Food

Our food is vegetarian and 90% vegan. Dairy and eggs available at breakfast only. Eco, organic and locally sourced. Our cooks are trained nutritionists and excellent at their job. They have been part of the team since 2009. 

The Dome Center

You will find a link to its location on Google Maps, at bottom of each page of our website, or click here.

We have parking for up to 20 cars.

The Dome Center has a fibre-optic internet connection and there is WiFi in many areas, including the accommodations.

No. However, we have two resident cats, Tigra and Laia.

Yes, for a small fee, which can be shared with other students, we offer the use of our washing machine and dryer when necessary.

Yes, the local village, Alcalalí, is within just a few minutes’ walk and has shops including a gasoline station supermarket open 24hrs.


We do not require course participants to be vaccinated. However, in order to create a safe and secure environment, everyone is tested on arrival at The Dome with an antigen test, before being allowed entry.

No, once we have tested everybody, we do not require the wearing of masks during the Training. We do ask, however, that everyone has a mask with them just in case.

The requirement to enter Spain are updated regularly as the situation changes and can be found here (Spain Travel Health: https://www.spth.gob.es/)