I am very delighted to be part of the amazing Co-creation to empower ourselves through our Sound and Self-expression.
I grew up in France and I’ve lived in India for 18 years, close to some of the greatest masters in the world, and my focus since then is toward Vocal & Sound exploration.
During this Training in Spain I will propose to you a unique combination of the Italian masters’ knowledge of the voice and Indian wisdom of the Primordial Sound (Nad)


Course content.
You will:

  • Discover & strengthen parts of the body involved in vocal sound production
  • Consciously create and strengthen your unique musical instrument
  • Connect to your creative power
  • Find your True Voice
  • Access inner consciousness through sound
  • Use musical scales inside energetic centres to deepen auditive and kinaesthetic awareness
  • Techniques help you to sing in tune
  • Learn powerful mantra (Sacred chanting from India)
  • Learn devotional songs
  • Open the heart, the Divine Within
  • Enhance inner peace and contentment

No need for previous experience

Bring a small mirror

To know more about my sharing and my journey please visit my site www.awaken-within.org

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