Harmonic Integration Online Course

Please Note: This course is only accessible to those who have purchased and completed the 5 previous courses:

  1. Free Your Voice, Heal Your Life
  2. Overtone Singing
  3. The Healing Voice
  4. Tibetan Bowls
  5. Tuning Forks

You are able to purchase in two ways:

  1. Purchase each of the above courses individually and work through them at your own pace, spreading the cost.
  2. Purchase all 6 online courses together (Sound Therapy Diploma) and take advantage of a discounted price (SAVING 114€)

Online Course

  • 28 Videos
  • 2 hr 32 min

Full Online Diploma

  • 353 Videos
  • 24 hr 28 min
Save 114€

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Course Content + More info:

The integration of other Instruments. The healing vibration of colour.

  • The vibration of Colour – Instruction on how to incorporate Colour in your sound healing treatment.
  • How to discover your healing Chants & apply them in your treatment.
  • The medicine of the Drum & instruction on how to apply the drum in your treatment.
  • The medicine of the Ocean Drum & instruction on how to apply the Ocean drum in your treatment.
  • Instruction on the healing applications of each instrument.
  • How to conduct a professional SOUND JOURNEY (Sound “Bath”) Session for groups, with a variety of Therapeutic and acoustic instruments.
  • Advanced energy management with instruction in Energy Protection, cleaning of spaces, rooms, and energy fields, as well as the treatment area.
  • How to give a complete Sound Healing session by introducing and combining voice, bowls, tuning forks, and other instruments.
  • How to combine Voice, Instruments, Energy work and all the elements of this Training into an integrated Holistic System of Sound Therapy.


This Final Module of our Sound Healer Training is only accessible to those who have completed each of the 5 previous Modules stated above.


Harmonic Sounds Diploma in Sound Therapy.

For those students who wish to obtain our Diploma in Sound Therapy at the end of this Training, we will require you to send us videos of two complete Sound Therapy Sessions, and with two different people as test subjects.

For this we ask you to use the tools and instruments covered in this course. While you may not have all the instruments featured here, it is very important that we see your Energy management and Protocol, and the use of Voice, Overtone Singing, Tuning Forks and Singing bowls as a minimum requirement. Each therapy session should last around 45 minutes and no less than 40 minutes. Here we have included footage of students from our In-person Training doing their Practical Evaluations.

This Module includes a single ZOOM session with Michele OR Nestor and, therefore. In addition to the Two Videos required of therapy sessions, has a higher cost than the other modules as you will receive personal attention form the facilitators.