Michele Averard

Sound Therapist · Voice Therapist · Singer-Songwriter & Musician


Module: Free Your Healing Voice

Our voice carries the vibration of our whole history, from conception until the present moment. All the joy and pain we have experienced is contained within the register of our voice.

Our voice is the expression of who we are. It is the source of communication and the vehicle for transmitting our beliefs, our needs and desires. It is what brings into form and coherence our emotions. Contained within our voice are our innermost secrets and intimate thoughts.

Our voice is the blueprint of our mental and emotional state. A harmonious sounding voice is the reflection of a harmonious mind. The Pitch and Tone of our voice convey our emotional state. The health of our nervous system can be measured by the rhythm and velocity of our speech. Very often our voice has been affected by what I call the “Shut-ups” (blockages that result from having been silenced in the past) that create difficulty when expressing ourselves fully with confidence.

It is believed that in the human fetus, the Throat Chakra and the Sacral Chakra are connected, as they are in fact physically connected at that stage. It should come as no surprise that our Voice is also a reflection of our sexual attitudes and creative expression as well as many of the other qualities attributed to the sacral chakra.

By working with our Voice, we have the opportunity to address these issues. Freeing your voice will help you to release programming that has been holding you back in your life. Through this work you will find your true Sound and feel confident to express yourself.

Toning with intention is used as a vehicle to direct vibration toward the chakras and aura which are the energy centres and the Bio- fields which interpenetrate and surround the body. Similarly, toning can be directed at any part of the physical body, which includes organs, tissues, blood, bones and nervous system, to tune up and restore physical harmony through sympathetic resonance.

In Sound Therapy we learn to use Sound and intention as a Healing Modality. Our mind needs to believe that we are able to manifest a healing vibration through our thoughts. Once our thoughts are charged with this intention, we then choose the appropriate Sound for the healing. The vibration of our intention and the vibration of the sound combine to form a powerful energetic wave. This intentional sound wave can then be directed to wherever the healing is needed.

Content of the Free Your Healing Voice module with Michele Averard:

* Breathing exercises for correct functioning of the diaphragm.
* Your Body is your Instrument.
* Explore the therapeutic effect of defining your register.
* Free your Voice from negative programming.
* Liberate and heal yourself from emotions that are blocking Your ability to Sing and express yourself.
* Sound and intention. Techniques for directing your Sound for healing on the Subtle and Physical bodies.
* Your Name is Your Mantra. The healing potential of the Name And its therapeutic effects.
* Exploring the vowels and their powerful healing effects on the Chakras and Bio-Field.
* The Joy of singing Chants and sacred songs from different Traditions.



Co-director and co-founder of both the Association of Sound Therapy and Harmonic Studies and the International Association of Sound Therapy, she is an internationally recognized Sound Therapist, Workshop Facilitator, Singer-Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist and Author of book “Free Your Voice, Heal Your Life”.

Born in London, England.  Her father was an actor and her mother a singer/actress. She was encouraged from an early age to develop her talents in the performing arts and so she attended The Arts Educational School in Tring and graduated from the Italia Conti Stage School.

During her early childhood, Michêle often felt the nurturing energy of the beautiful nature surrounding her home in Buckinghamshire. Being an only child, she spent many hours on her own wondering the woods and the fields. This is where she first connected with her voice and sang her healing Chants.

After leaving England at the age of sixteen she had many adventures around the world, including spending a year on a sailboat where she connected with the Sea and started writing her songs.

In 1989 she formed a soul/rock band which was successful and later recorded an album with her own  music and songs. She became very disillusioned with the superficial world of the music industry and felt a yearning to return to her childhood connection with sound and nature.

During her travels around the world she had encountered many interesting metaphysical teachers that had awakened her interest in the alternative therapies and Arts. In 1994 Michele decided to further examine the possibilities of healing with sound and began her exploration and investigation into its therapeutic uses.

For three years she studied Energy Management with Dutch clairvoyant Reina Arendson, which included chakra and Biofield balancing and healing; distance healing and energy reading. During this period Michêle also became a certified Reflexologist and Craniosacral Therapist with the European School of Craniosacral Therapy.

She was inspired by the teachings of Jill Pearce, Laeh Maggie Garfield, Joy Gardener Gordon, Johnathan Goldman and Fabien Maman.

At first, she focused on individual therapy sessions, helping people connect with and express their own sound, assisting them to re-establish a resonance with their identity and subtle bodies. It became apparent that her special talent is a deep intuitive knowledge of what each individual needs to feel ‘in tune’ with themselves and their surroundings.

Having reconnected with the memories of her experience as a child singing her healing Chants in nature, she felt a great calling to share her enthusiasm and faith in the healing qualities of sound and Music. This led her to co-create together with her partner Nestor Kornblum, a unique methodology of harnessing vibration and intention. Together they established the Association of Sound Therapy and Harmonic Studies, from which they offer a fully comprehensive Sound healer training program that has trained thousands of Sound Therapists around the world since 1998.

In 2010 Michêle published her first book “Free your Voice, Heal your Life”, in English and Spanish, (Editorial Dilema). She is also co-owner of The Dome Centre, headquarters of the Association of Sound Therapy in Alicante (Spain), with her husband and co-author Nestor Kornblum.

During the last 25 years Michêle has also conducted courses for women which focus on the celebration of femininity and the healing of emotional and psychological issues from childhood through the use of various Sound techniques. She has worked with children, teaching sound awareness, basic energy work and musical improvisation.

She has collaborated in many musical projects and 12 years ago formed, and continues to direct, an all-women’s chanting group called “Las Voces de Gaia”. Together they have produced 2 Cd’s of Songs and Chants for inspiring people to sing along and keep the chants alive. They perform throughout the year in festivals and cultural events.

Michêle plays a variety of instruments such as: Guitar, Tambura, Monochord, Native American drum and Flute, Tibetan Bowls, Gong and other acoustic instruments.