Therapeutic Music – To accompany Healing Sessions

The compositions in this collection of Healing Music are focused at activating, clearing, and integrating specific concentrations of energy in the body, bio-field, mind and emotions.

All the tracks have been composed with the specific intention of creating a Healing Space, a safe vibrational container for healing to take place.

We do not claim that healing will take place, however, the profoundly relaxing nature of the music, combined with our experience of the beneficial effects and therapeutic applications of certain sounds or musical intervals, is supportive of the healing process.

We have employed a variety of different tunings, including Pythagorean, diatonic and pentatonic scales, Harmonic and Just intervals, as well as the Western chromatic scale.

We have used almost exclusively acoustic instruments, although on a couple of tracks keyboards have been used. 

The Voice is the most powerful therapeutic instrument, and on these recordings, it is used as an instrument, there are no lyrics or chants, only the pure voice and Overtone singing.

Download Here:

01. Tantra – (The Enchantment)

02. Cosmic Order(Healing Relaxation)

03.  Conception(Quantum Harmonics)



These recordings are also intentionally created to support and enhance other therapeutic modalities and treatment sessions. They may simply be played from start to finish during a healing session.

This is ideal for a wide range of therapies from massage and bodywork, reflexology, shiatsu and other physical therapies, as well as Reiki, meditation and others. It assists in the process by amplifying and deepening the effects of these treatments, sending the vibrations into the tissues, bones and liquids of the body.

Sound is Holistic, operating on the physical, mental, emotional bodies and the bio-field.


The Tracks may be played from start to finish during a self-healing session. They can be treated as a Sound Journey session, or Sound Bath.

Our suggestions:
Firstly, to set your Intention for the session you will need to select a Track that suits your purpose. We recommend that you take the time to listen to  each of the tracks to feel their energy and how they resonate within you, and/or the effect they have on your feelings, emotions, thought patterns or memories.

You may focus on healing or relieving the pain from an illness or operation.


Lie down in a comfortable position, although you may sit if there’s no alternative. You can use headphones if you have a very comfortable set. Relax each part of your body consciously, starting from your toes to the top of your head. Allow yourself to sink down into wherever you are lying or sitting. Feel all tension drain from you into the earth.

Then move your attention to your ears, relaxing and opening them to receive. When the music begins, allow your ear to select different sounds and nuances, then take a step back and listen to the whole effect.

Still your mind, letting the internal mental chatter fade away. Each time you begin to think, turn again to your ears and the music. Feel safe and secure. Let the music envelop you like a cocoon and caress you, flowing over and through you.

Repeat this process daily or as often as you feel necessary. Try different tracks with the same intention and see which works most effectively.

For some listeners there may be certain sounds that are at first disturbing, instruments or voices that are new or different. Try not to judge, allowing yourself to slowly open to the benefits of these recordings.

We wish you a joyful and healing listening experience!

Therapeutic Music – To accompany Healing Sessions (Full Version)

Get the full version of this collection to continue experiencing the healing power of sound:

 1. Tantra – (The Enchantment)  10:57
 2. Cosmic Order – (Healing Relaxation) 12:50
 3. Conception  – (Quantum Harmonics) 9:32
 4. Earth’s Caress – (Healing Relaxation) 10:00
 5. Awakening – (Quantum Harmonics) 18:09
 6. Release – (Healing Relaxation) 19:00
 7. Evolution – (Quantum Harmonics) 9:48
 8. Exploring the Void – (Harmonic Encounters) 2:17
 9. Consciousness –(Quantum Harmonics) 14:47
 10. Poseidon – (Harmonic Encounters) 3:09
 11. Harmonic Integration – (Healing Relaxation) 18:00 
 12. Ascension – (Quantum Harmonics) 9:02