Since 1995, Nestor has explored and practised the ancient art of overtone singing, also referred to as vocal harmonics, with particular attention to its therapeutic and meditational uses. An experienced teacher, he has now taught thousands of people the techniques of overtone singing and Sound Healing in Spain ,UK , Sweden ,Finland ,Italy ,South Africa , Belgium, Holland ,Norway ,Canada and France . He is one of a handful of Westerners to master the “Deep Voice” overtone chanting employed by Tibetan monks and Tuvan (Mongolian) singers, which enables him to sing up to four simultaneous notes , with a range of 5 octaves.
In addition to his own intensive research into all areas of sound as a healing modality, Nestor has studied Jonathan Goldman’s work on raising personal and planetary frequencies and vibrational repatterning in Boulder , Colorado.
Nestor has also completed Fabien Maman’s course “The Body as a Harp” which teaches the use of tuning fork acupuncture on the master points of the body and spine, specific frequencies for balancing aura and chakras and a number of extremely well researched techniques using sound, colour (light) and movement for healing. He has assisted Fabien by teaching overtone singing on this course.
From 1996—1999 Nestor studied energy work with Dutch clairvoyant/scientist/lecturer Reina Arendson, including balancing chakras and auras, healing and distance healing, and energy reading.
Nestor conducts regular courses (in English and Spanish) on sound healing, overtone singing and sound as a tool for personal and planetary transformation. Many of his courses are held in “The Dome” at his home in Spain , a large structure especially designed for its spectacular acoustics which amplify the subtle tones of the voice and acoustic instruments.
He has been interviewed many times on television, radio and in the press in the 20 countries where he presently works, as an expert on Sound Therapy and was invited by the Music Therapy Department of the National University for Distance Education in Madrid to do a programme on overtone singing which has been shown on national television in Spain. He has also written articles in English and Spanish on Sound Therapy that have been published in S. Africa, Sweden , U.K. Belgium and Spain.
Due to his knowledge and ability to sing audibly the Overtone Series (Harmonic Scale), he has lectured and given Masterclasses in Universities and Music Schools.
Together with his wife Michêle Averard he has produced 10 CDs of healing/meditational music, which have sold thousands of copies in the countries where their courses are held. The CDs have received acclaim from therapists in all areas of healing and transformation for their ability to provoke transformation, relaxation, stress release and healing.
Nestor, in addition to his mastery of Vocal Harmonics (Overtone Singing) plays a variety of instruments including didgeridoo, monochord, tampura, jew’s harp, overtone flute, mouth bow and assorted percussion.
Nestor is an eloquent and charismatic speaker, and is no stranger to large audiences. He is thoroughly versed in the science and practice of Sound as a healing modality.
Perhaps the most remarkable of his achievements is that he neither sang nor played a musical instrument until the age of 30.

Overtone Singing is a vocal technique which enables one to sing two or even more sounds at the same time.
This produces a powerful healing effect both in the singer and the listener, as the overtones, or harmonics, are sounds that envelop us, harmonising our entire organism physically and energetically.
When our energy is distorted or heavy, we are susceptible to illness. Overtone Singing aligns our vibration and frequencies with those of Nature and the Universe. When one sings Harmonics, one Resonates in Harmony with the Mathematics of Creation.
Becoming aware of overtone singing, one begins a journey into the Voices of the Voice and the Sound within the Sound.
When you hear or practise overtone singing you will know whether it is good for you or not. You will know on levels much more profound than analytical deduction. You will feel it resonate deep within you, where other primordial human qualities like
intuition, instinct, unconditional love, compassion and joy reside.
You will vibrate in harmony with the Creation and feel one with it. You will come home, safe and Sound.
More on Overtone Singing just below the course content*
COURSE CONTENT: This Module offers a thorough grounding in both the Musical and
Therapeutic aspects of Overtone Singing

  • Introduction to the Science, Theory and History of Overtones
  • Understanding the Harmonic Series, Pythagoras, the monochord, musical intervals of the harmonic series and harmonic proportions
  • Warm-up and preparation exercises for Overtone singing
  • The Basic techniques of Overtone Singing, in two main styles, on day 1
  • The Therapeutic applications and benefits of Overtone singing: Exercises too
  • Meditation, Focusing, Mindfulness and other applications
  • More advanced exercises for the completion of the 2 main styles, enabling rapid advancement
  • Further revision during the 2 Week period, with more exercises for progressing in the techniques

Suggestions and demonstrations of how Overtone singing can be combined with other forms of singing, from the shamanic to more traditional singing, or with changes in the Fundamental pitch of the voice instead of the more common: held- fundamental or drone
*Overtone Singing or Vocal Harmonics, is an ancient shamanic technique originating in Central Asia, Tibet and South Africa, that enables a singer to amplify the colours of the voice. The overtones, which literally sound like a flute playing above the drone of the voice, are controlled by the singer to create melodies directly from the heart. Unlike most Western music, which focuses on harmony, melody and rhythm, overtone singing deals with the timbre of sound, the pure frequencies of which the voice is made. The musical scale that is revealed reflects the natural proportions found within all of Nature and allows us to connect and resonate with the Universal Chord. This is a journey into the Voices of the Voice, and the Sounds within the Sound.

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