Pre-recorded Online Courses (VOD)

Pre-recorded Online Courses to journey at your own pace

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Sound Healer Diploma Training - Online Course

This training combines all of the 5 Harmonic Sounds® online courses plus an additional 6th course that is only available in this training. 

After successfully passing the 6 courses and a final evaluation, you acquire a diploma that qualifies you to practice as a Professional Sound Healer.


Course 1: Free Your Voice, Heal Your Life!

Course 2: The Healing Voice

Course 3: Overtone Singing “The Essence of Harmony”

Course 4: Tibetan Bowl Therapy

Course 5: Tuning Fork Therapy

Course 6: Harmonic Integration

Course 6:

✧ Harmonic Integration: Integrating everything learned

✧ How to Conduct a professional Sound Journey (Sound “Bath”)

✧ How to Conduct a Full Sound Therapy Treatment (combining voice, tibetan bowls, tuning forks and other instruments)

✧ Instruction on the healing vibration of Colour and how to incorporate Colour in your Sound Healing Treatment

✧ Instruction on the healing applications of each instrument

✧ Advanced Energy Work

✧ Access to direct support from Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum

✧ Final evaluation to receive the Sound Healer Diploma

Note: All online courses can be purchased individually. If you have previously purchased an individual course then its price will be discounted.

Free Your Voice, Heal Your Life Online Course

Presented and facilitated by Michele Averard. This course will give you the tools to free your Authentic Voice and understand yourself as an exquisitely designed instrument able to freely express yourself through song, chant and verbal communication. Read the in-depth description by clicking the “learn more” button below.

No previous experience in singing required to do this course!

Overtone Singing: The Essence of Harmony Online Course

This experiential Online Course by Nestor Kornblum, one of the world’s foremost overtone singers and teachers will resolve these questions. An overview of the theory of overtone singing, its uses as a healing tool, as well as the basic and advanced techniques will be covered. Begin to harmonise with the Natural Scale by learning how to sing beautiful yet mathematically precise intervals with your voice. Nestor’s clarity and easy style guarantee an entertaining and highly practical experience. You will gain useful sonic tools to practise while singing along with the many exercises. You will receive the ability to sing up and down the overtone series. Nestor will include many demonstrations of Overtone Singing during the Course. All the practical exercises will be demonstrated by Nestor so that you can sing along with him and then practise on your own. Read the in-depth description by clicking the “learn more” button below.

No previous experience in singing or Overtone Singing required to do this course!

The Healing Voice Online Course

Michele Averard shares her 25 years of experience in this healing art. This online course contains
40 instructional videos on the application of the human voice as a healing modality. You will be guided through techniques, exercises and treatments to develop the skill and confidence to give a full Biofield voice treatment and or a Vocal coaching session. You will be encouraged to develop your own methodology and inspired to discover your own healing chants, to include them in any of your current therapy practices. This course includes a section on energy management and a sound therapy protocol. Read the in-depth description by clicking the “learn more” button below.

No previous experience in singing required to do this course!

Tibetan Bowl Therapy Online Course

This course is the culmination of Michele Averard’s 25 years of experience treating clients, using the healing properties of the Tibetan Singing Bowls. In this online course you will be guided, through a step by step process, on how to conduct a sound therapy session using the Singing bowls. You will learn about the history and origins of the bowls, be given practical guidelines on selecting your singing bowls and correct activators and mallets for the different sizes of the bowls.
Learn how to hold and activate your bowl so as to produce the very best sounds for each therapy session. You will be given clear instruction, through talks and demonstrations, on the practical application of the bowls in a healing session directed at the physical and subtle bodies of your client. Read the in-depth description by clicking the “learn more” button below.

No previous experience with Tibetan Bowls required to do this course!

Tuning Fork Therapy Online Course

Presented and facilitated by Nestor Kornblum. This is an Online Course in the use and application of Tuning Forks for Therapy. Nestor Kornblum, will share with you techniques that he has developed over more than 20 years of working with Tuning Forks. He will demonstrate several sessions in which he uses the forks, both on and off the body. Each exercise is preceded by a clear and concise explanation. The principal purpose is to give each student a framework, a Holistic guideline that you can use in your therapy sessions. These guidelines will be flexible enough for you to develop, over time and with practice, your very own system and methodology. Read the in-depth description by clicking the “learn more” button below.

No previous experience with Tuning Forks required to do this course!