We are offering Online Courses from the HarmonicSounds Online Academy, a new virtual platform that we have launched in 2020 so that you may participate in our Courses in Sound Therapy, Certified Diploma Trainings and courses in other areas of Sound Healing. This Online platform offers you access to our courses from the comfort of your own home.


Do you want to take advantage of these challenging times as an opportunity to train as a Sound Therapist and Healer?

Would you like to learn new techniques to Free your Voice, but you’re embarrassed to sing in front of others?

Do you want to learn how to use the Tibetan Singing bowls you have at home?

Now you can do it in your own home!

We offer two types of Online Course:


These are short online courses in Sound Therapy between 3 and 12 hours duration that can be done in a single session or various sessions via ZOOM.

Facilitated by professional Sound Therapists and musicians with excellent credentials and many years’ experience in Training courses.

The courses are simple and have great practical content.


These courses can be accessed Online in your own time without having to follow fixed hours.

You choose when to access the content and follow your own rhythm as you gain new knowledge and techniques.

The courses are composed of pre-recorded video sessions and practical modules, which you access with your username and password until you have completed all the content.

The longer courses include the possibility of asking questions directly to the tutors via email.

✅The Sound Therapy courses offer the possibility of receiving certification in the form of a Diploma from the International Association of Sound Therapy.

 ? The Academy offers:

  • Courses in Sound Therapy
  • Certified Professional Trainings for those who wish to practice as Sound Therapists
  • Courses in Voice and Healing with the Voice
  • Courses in Overtone Singing
  • Courses in the use of Healing Instruments
  • Courses for Vocal Therapists
  • Courses for sound therapists and sound healers

 ? The courses are aimed at:

  • Professional Therapists
  • Professional Musicians and amateur musicians
  • Professional and amateur singers
  • Anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of Sound Therapy
  • Anyone who wants to learn to use sound healing instruments
  • Anyone wishing to connect with their Voice and free their authentic voice


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