Óscar Jareño

Musician · Singer-Songwriter Multi-instrumentalist

Module: Sing Your Body

In ancient times people sang as part of their way of Life and it became necessary to accompany these songs and chants with musical instruments. In many cases these instruments were tools or other objects taken from the labours of daily life. Rhythm and the knowledge of rhythm were essential, being transmitted from generation to generation by practical, experiential and oral

In this Module, we will study some traditional rhythms and songs of the Iberian Peninsula as well as the techniques and interpretation they require, in order to adapt them to our Body and our Moment. This will take place in a completely secure and caring space, where, through a very specific type of bodywork we will have a deep encounter with our own Voice.

Oscar is a gifted artist in many disciplines, multi-instrumentalist, composer, musician and performer with intensive studies in the music of the Iberian Peninsula. He recreates popular music from contemporaneous parameters, in most cases with influences from other latitudes.

His first contact with traditional music took place at an early age, thanks to his mother, singer-songwriter in the Flamenco tradition and later he studied music in the Professional Conservatory in Valencia.