Angel Tuners (3 forks and mallet) 4096Hz, 4160Hz y 4224Hz

These three forks activated simultaneously produce a very high and subtle yet powerful dissonance. This appears to balance the brain hemispheres and create a sense of space and wellbeing. They should be held as far away from the ears as possible, as the sound is very penetrating.

Description: This set consists of the first 3 Overtones of the 6th Octave above the note C 64Hz. They were originally intended to produce a celestial experience and were based on the work of avant-garde Russian composer Alexander Scriabin. One of his works was meant to be played on bells and chimes hanging from the clouds.

APPLICATION: They are often used to call one’s angels or guides to be present and/or protect an event or ceremony. They are also used for space clearing, in much the same way as sage.

The first fork of the set is also the Crystal Cleaner 4096Hz.