CD Healing Relaxation

Music to Enhance the Healing Process

The music on this CD has been intentionally created to empower and amplify the healing effects of all healing modalities, such as reiki, shiatsu, massage, cranio-sacral and many more…

Application / Benefits:

  • An acoustic Sound Journey Experience
  • Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief
  • Sacred and Ancestral instruments
  • Overtone Singing
  • Empower the Healing Process
  • Play during Therapy Sessions

The music is completely acoustic, without electronic effects, and rich in harmonic overtones to reinforce the harmonizing, balancing and healing qualities of the voices and sacred instruments. Includes Overtone Chant, singing bowls, monochord, didgeridoo, flutes and other sacred instruments.




  1. Release – Soltar  . Nestor Kornblum: Monochord, steeldrum, didgeridoo monocordio, didjeridu. Michêle Averard: Koto, tambura, voices voces
  2. Harmonic Integration  – Integración Armónica. Nestor Kornblum: Tambura, overtone chant canto de armónicos
  3. Cosmic Order – Orden Cósmico. Michêle Averard: Tibetan bowls, percussion.Cuencos tibetanos, percusión Nestor Kornblum: Tibetan bowls, ocean drum, overtone flute, cuencos tibetanos, tambor oceánico, flauta de armónicos
  4. Earth’s Caress – Caricia Terrenal  Michêle Averard: Native American flutes, rainsticks, percussion, frame drum Flautas( nativo Americano), percusión, palos de lluvia. NestorKornblum: Didgeridoo, bird whistles, percussion, didjeridu, silbidos de pajaros, percusión