CD Nad Sundaram – Beautiful Sound (2006)

Michele Averard, Nestor Kornblum, Carlos Pons and guests.

Programmed Music with Bio-information using the NES Health™ unique system

(NES = Nutri Energetic Systems)

Special Guests: Ed and Deb Shapiro World renowned authors and teachers of Meditation, bloggers for Oprah and The Huffington Post (online). Award-winning authors: The Unexpected Power of Mindfulness & Meditation.. and 16 other books

Produced by Harry Massey of NES Health™  producer of the film “The Living Matrix”

About the CD:

· Music in a “Chill-out” format with a fusion of World Music, Overtone singing, great vocals and acoustic instruments such as sitar, flute, guitar, didgeridoo, sarod, tambura, monochord and more.

· Each of the 7 tracks will balance and harmonise a chakra (energy centre) while you listen


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