Chakra Tuners (7 forks) weighted

(Unweighted sets are available by order, waiting period: 4 weeks to 1 month Price €209,00)

Note: The OM Tuner 136.10Hz forms part of this set and is stamped “Heart-4” If you purchase this set you do not need to purchase the OM fork, unless you wish to apply 2 OM forks at the same time, as do many practitioners.

These forks are based on Planetary frequencies generated by the Natural cycles of planets and important planetary cycles that directly affect the Earth and all life upon her. These frequencies are based on Hans Cousto’s calculations.

Someone has chosen to correlate these frequencies and the cycles they represent with the qualities of each of the chakra centres. In our training courses on Sound Therapy we endorse the use of this set which we have found to be an effective tool for balancing, harmonising , cleaning and aligning the chakra system.



Here is a chart of the cycles and their frequencies:

Chakra Frequency in Hz and musical note Cycle Application/Significance
Root 194.18  G Earth Day (24hrs) Grounding, connect to Earth, stimulating, envigorating
Sacral 210.42  G# Synodic month (from full moon to full moon, or new moon to new moon) 29,53 days Centre of “clear feelings”, sexuality, creativity; endocrine and lymphatic systems
Solar  Plexus 126.22  C Sun Tone Free Will, emotions of the ego, the Little “I Am”, sense of individuality, will, point of yin-yang balance and all bio-systems
Heart 136.10 (OM) C# Solar Earth Year 365,25 days Unconditional Love, compassion, deep relaxation, sedation.
Throat 141.27  C# Solar Year of Mercury Communication, speech and listening, voice and ears
Third Eye 221.23  A Solar Year of Venus Intuition, Divine love, inner harmony, enlightenment, telepathy.
Crown 172.06  F Platonic Year/Mayan Great Cycle (25,920 years) Portal to the Cosmos and Spirit. Clarity of Spirit, Cosmic union. Uplifting.