Free your Voice, Heal your Life! Book- Downloadable Version: PDF+Mp3 (Spanish)

What renowned authors have said about this book:

“An illuminating and inspiring book for anyone interested in the therapeutic and transformational use of our voice. There’s excellent information and exercises that will have you singing with joy!”

Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman, authors CHAKRA FREQUENCIES, THE TANTRA OF SOUND and other books

“This book will change your relationship with yourself. Michele Averard’s understanding of the power of the voice is deep, personal, and transformative. She takes the reader on a ride through the many ways the voice is used and how to find one’s own, authentic voice, leading to a true awakening of the heart.”

Ed and Deb Shapiro Authors of: Be The Change and Your Body Speaks Your Mind Featured Columnists, Gold Award Winning Author ~ BE THE CHANGE

This book is designed to free your Healing Voice in 13 steps in order to clean and release attitudes that no longer serve you, and to heal conditioning that has limited your ability to experience yourself as the Miracle of Life you truly are. Michele Averard, co-director of the International Association of Sound Therapy, offers you these 13 steps which give you the opportunity to free your authentic Voice and communicate your Truth; to learn techniques for focussing your Sound and Intention to effect changes in your physical and subtle bodies; and to reclaim your right to “sing just because you feel like it!”. Altogether a valuable journey towards Unconditional Love.

Our voice is the expression of who we are. It is the source of communication and the vehicle for transmitting our beliefs, our needs and desires. It is what brings into form and coherence our emotions. Contained within our voice are our innermost secrets and intimate thoughts. As human consciousness expands and develops, there is an urgent desire for clearer communication. Sound is the essence of all form and will serve as a teacher on all levels of consciousness. World leaders, Shamans and all conscious beings understand that communication is the path to Peace. There has never been a better time than now to step onto that path!