La Voz Sanadora

This online course is the culmination of Michele Averard’s 26 years of experience treating clients, using the healing properties of her voice.

In this online course you will be guided, through a step by step process, on how to conduct a sound therapy session in which your client is either actively participating with their own voice, or passively laying on a therapy bed.

You will discover powerful vocal exercises for enabling your client to address & heal any negative programming and trauma.
You will learn mindful techniques on how to harness the vibration of your Intention and together with your sound create a healing vibration. You will be instructed on how to direct that healing sound towards your client in a therapy session.

You will learn about sympathetic resonance and how to Vocally scan your client for diagnostic purposes.

You will be instructed on the function of the Biofields & Chakra system. You will be guided on how to safely navigate through these systems of your client, for the restoration of harmony and balance.

You will be inspired to find your own healing chants and guided on how to incorporate them in a treatment session working together with the medicine of the Native and Ocean drums.