Maya Code – Intention Enhancers – Soul Purpose Tuners 20:13 Only from HarmonicSounds

Forks by Nestor Kornblum  EXCLUSIVE to HarmonicSounds

“Resonate with your Soul’s Purpose and Empower your Affirmations”

Aᵇ, E (or LAᵇ, MI in Solfeggio) “General Harmonizers”
*The 20:13 ratio is extremely close to the Phi Ratio and those on the Fibonacci Sequence of numbers which produce a perfect natural spiral.
This set of 2 forks when sounded simultaneously emit the 20:13 ratio, known in musical terms as the Minor 6th, which balance and align one’s frequency with the 260 “Ways of Being” or “Soul Purposes” (20 Solar Rays x 13 Lunar Tones) incorporated into the260-day Tzolkin or Sacred Mayan Calendar. They act to harmonise one with the New Paradigm through aligning with Natural Time and Structure.

The Phi Ratio, reflected on the Fibonacci Sequence, Φ =0.618… describes in mathematical ratios the arc-curve of the Natural Spiral as it occurs in pine cones, sunflowers, conches and sea shells and throughout Nature. Most importantly it resonates with the Fibonacci Spiral of the Cochlear in the Human Ear which receives Sound and transmits it onwards to the nerves, brain and body, as well as with the double-helix of DNA.