OM Tuner / OM-OTTO 136.10 Hz

The Earth Year Tone

This weighted tuning fork can be used on all bones in the human body as well as all reflex points, chakras and energy fields and is the perfect General Body Tuner (32nd octave of earth year tone)

This Frequency is a higher octave of the cycle created by the Earth’s rotation around the Sun. Our Earth year of 365,25 days has been calculated (*by Hans Cousto, author of “The Cosmic Octave”) by reducing hours to minutes and then minutes to seconds to establish the exact number of seconds in a year. As the human ear can only hear frequencies between 20Hz and 20.000Hz, and we measure frequency in cycles per second or Hertz, this very slow cycle can obviously not be heard. Ingeniously using the Law of the Octave, Cousto simply doubled this frequency several times to achieve a sound within the Human Audible Spectrum. He decided on the 32nd Octave of this tone 136.10Hz /cps as that note closest to the Human Voice that could also be sung by men and women, although all octaves of this tone will transmit the same information as the original.