Set of 8 Forks . Solar harmonic spectrum. Pythagoream set of forks

C 128Hz, D 288, E320, F 341.3, G 384, A 426.7 B 480 and C 512 i.e. a whole Octave

This set of forks is used in the scientific community for vibrational calculations, and is based on Pythagoras’s system of musical intervals based on whole number ratios, rather than the system we use today where the interval are no longer Harmonic. In this Set the ratio between C and E the Major Third, is exactly 4:5 and C and the Perfect Fifth is 2:3f, for example. The Perfect 5th therefore does not exist on the piano or modern western instruments tuned to the Chromatic Scale, where the intervals are smaller, due to the insertion of extra semitones to make today’s 12 -note scale.

Use in Sound Therapy: The pure intervals of the Solar Harmonic Spectrum are absorbed, processed and assimilated more easily by the body’s physiological structures, which resonate with these ratios. With these 8 forks it’s possible to create all the major intervals, the 2nd C:D, 3rd C:E, 4th C:F, 5th C:G, and so on.