Set of OM-OTTOs

OM-OTTO Osteophonic Tuners (always weighted)

These are OTTO forks (otto is 8 in Italian, and refers here to OCTAVE), based on the Earth Year Tone, which is an Octave of the Earth’s 365¼ day cycle around the Sun.

We have substituted the traditional OTTO (128Hz, 64Hz, 32Hz) forks for the Octaves of the OM Tone, as the OM Tuning Fork sets work more effectively and harmoniously due to their resonance with real planetary cycles.

In this case the earth’s most important cycle for all life, the Solar Year. These forks are extremely effective, transmitting their vibration to the entire body through bone conduction, thus their name Osteophonic Tuners (osteo-bone, phonic-sound)



The 3 Forks that make up this set are:

OM 136.10Hz  The Earth Year Tone (single price €49.50)

Can be used on all bones in the human body as well as all reflex points, chakras and energy fields and is the perfect General Body Tuner (32nd octave of earth year tone)

OM 68.05Hz (single price €55,00)

Particularly recommended for the Articulations/joints (31st octave of Earth Year tone)

OM 34.025Hz (single price 59,50)

Stimulates the Cranial nerves and cerebrospinal fluid when used to caress the hair (30th octave of Earth Year tone)