The Harmonic Octave (Double CD) Music for Healing DOWNLOAD Version

Our Best-selling Double CD for Self-Healing and to play during Healing Sessions!

This CD has been designed so that the listener can select the Track that is needed in the moment. We have recorded 10 minutes of Sacred and Healing Sounds in each of the 12 Notes of the Chromatic Scale (C, C#, D, D# and so on) and these Notes have been laid out in a Spiral Image (see Booklet included in the Zip File that will be downloaded). Simply focus on the Intention of what you would like to heal or resolve and then close your eyes and let your finger selct a Note from the Spiral…Then listen to that Track and focus on the Healing efects. This is an acoustic CD without any electronic effects. using only the voice (no words or lyrics are used) Overtone Singing and ancestral and Sacred instruments.



Double Cd of acoustic music for self-healing and healing sessions