The Healing Music – Collection #2

The compositions in this collection of Healing Music are focused at activating, clearing, and integrating specific concentrations of energy in the body, bio-field, mind and emotions.  

All the tracks have been composed with the specific intention of creating a Healing Space, a safe vibrational container for healing to take place. 

We do not claim that healing will take place, however, the profoundly relaxing nature of the  music, combined with our experience of the beneficial effects and therapeutic applications of certain sounds or musical intervals, is supportive of the healing process. 

We have employed a variety of different tunings, including Pythagorean, diatonic and pentatonic scales, Harmonic and just intervals, as well as the Western chromatic scale. 

We have used almost exclusively acoustic instruments, although on a couple of tracks  keyboards have been used. The Voice is the most powerful therapeutic instrument, and on these recordings, it is used as an instrument, there are no lyrics or chants, only the pure voice and Overtone singing.



The Healing Music Collection #2: Therapeutic Music – To accompany Healing Sessions.

You have chosen a Playlist of selected Music from the various Cds of Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum, Directors of HarmonicSounds and the International Association of Sound of Therapy.

Contains Only Voice without words, and a number of World music and Sacred Instruments. Singing bowls, monochords, flutes, ocean drum, nature sounds and more.

Recommended for Reiki, Massage and Bodywork, all Vibrational Therapies.

Content: Music Files in MP3 and PDF with descriptive texts.

Duration: 136 min approximately

  1. Tantra – The Enchantment CD 10.57
  2. Cosmic Order – Healing Relaxation CD 12.50 Track 1
  3. Conception – Quantum Harmonics CD 9.32
  4. Earth’s Caress – Healing Relaxation CD 10.00 Track 2
  5. Awakening – Quantum Harmonics 18.09
  6. Release – Healing Relaxation 19.00 Track 3
  7. Evolution – Quantum Harmonics 9.48
  8. Exploring the Void – Harmonic Encounters 2.17
  9. Consciousness – Quantum Harmonics 14.47
  10. Poseidon – Harmonic Encounters 3.09
  11. Harmonic Integration – Healing Relaxation 18.00 Track 4.
  12. Ascension – Quantum Harmonics 9.02