The Meerklang Monochord

Created by Götz Rausch (Germany)

This multi-stringed instrument is simple yet produces a beautiful Sound, an echo of the Cosmos. The strumming on its multiple strings create a wave of sound from the deep fundamental string to the many thin blank, higher strings. When strummed in a straight line at certain intervals of the strings, overtones are clearly produced. The vibration of all the strings at the same place simultaneously, has the effect of amplifying the harmonics, pure overtones that usually remain undetected by the ear become clearly audible. It is therefore used in Sound Therapy for its powerful soothing and calming effects. Nowadays monochords range in size and application.

​​Applications of the monochord:
Music Therapy, Sound Therapy, Sound Massage or Sound Bath, vocal improvisation, overtone singing or vocal harmonic singing, overtone chant, work, Sound Journey, vocal training, music of the spheres, meditation music and more…

Available in two sizes: 126cm and 155cm. They have different characteristics that are shown in this table.

INCLUDED: Legs (select High or Low version), Tuning Key, Extra strings and Tuning suggestions.

NOT INCLUDED: Carry Bag, Chromatic (electronic) Tuner (download an App…). Large foot for upright playing… Please enquire..

Length in cm Width Height Note/Tuning Nº of Strings Price in €
126 30 10 C 36 750,00€
155 30 10 A 31 820,00€

You can order the legs for your monochord, High or Low. For this you must contact us at:


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126cm, 155cm