The Monochord Chair-Bed from Meerklang

A Sound Massage Chair which converts to a Sound Bed (Monochord Table)

This monochord, in a similar way to the smaller therapy monochords is also an instrument for resonating the body. It is used mostly therapeutically, as in Sound Therapy and Music Therapy.

One can either sit or lay upon the instrument, while another plays on the strings. A slightly arched surface provides comfort and a more surround-sound effect.

SPECIAL FEATURE: It is a double instrument in that it can be a Sound chair or a Sound Bed. In approximately 10 minutes, it can be reassembled into the other configuration. A third possibility is to assemble it horizontally, with the strings facing upwards and use it as a sound monochord.

It has slightly smaller measurements than the pure Sound Bed and can therefore be transported in most family cars, an advantage for therapists ‘on the go’.



  Length in cm Width in cm Height in  cm Musical Note Nº of Strings Max. Load
Body/Corpus 155 60 11 A 60 130Kg
Seat 45 60 11
Overall Length 200 60 11

A carry bag is available. If you are interested you can contact us and we will inform you.