The Sound Bed (Monochord Table) from Meerklang

The Sound Bed is a full-body instrument. One person lies on the bed and a second person sits on a cushion on the floor and plays the strings. A treatment can vary from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. At the Association of Sound Therapy, we have found that 20 minutes is usually just right.

This long monochord bed is for all people, including the very tall, with an overall length of 2.08m  or  6’9” of which the Soundboard itself is 200cm or 6’6”.

A slightly arched surface provides comfort and a more surround-sound effect.

The strings beneath the bed are divided at 165cm by a bridge, making the Fundamental /Root Note of this monochord only 1 tone lower than the Sound Chair-bed, at a Low G. However, the part of the strings on the OTHER side of this bridge are in the same not G but 2 Octaves higher. This give the bed some tonal variation.

The bed can also be tuned as a monochord with all strings the same, OR with whole groups of strings tuned to a harmonious chord, for example: Tambura tuning:- G, g(higher octave) and D, or Chord tuning: Low G, G, D, B

There are bridges available as accessories which are used to change the tuning of groups of strings.

There are also side-shelves which can be added to the Sound Bed for the additional use of Singing Bowls (Tibetan or Quartz, Crystal singing bowls), Tuning Forks and other instruments during a Therapy Session.

Application: Music Therapy, Sound Therapy, Sound Massage or Sound Bath, vocal improvisation, overtone singing or vocal harmonic singing, overtone chant, work, Sound Journey, vocal training, music of the spheres, meditation music and more…

Length Width Height Note Nº Strings Max. Load
208cm 70cm 10,5cm Low G, G, D 64 120kg without supports
Or G, D, B 170Kg with supports