Tribal Heart: Michele Averard & Stephanie Brent. ORIGINAL Healing and Sacred Chants

Michele Averard & Stephanie Brent

The Healing Sounds of Sacred Songs and Chants by two renowned singer-songwriters

Michele Averard and Stephanie Brent

Overtone singing on 2 tracks by Nestor Kornblum

Recording, editing and mastering by Carlos Pons, as well as sampled tablas and other effects.

Both Michele and Stephanie have contributed 5 original pieces each,  Sacred songs and chants honouring the Sacred Feminine and Masculine, all of humanity and Mother Earth

 Instruments; Vocals Guitar, monochord, tambura, Native flutes, singing bowls, ting-shas, and Overtone singing 

TRIBAL HEART- A call for people to come forward and stand together in community. In memory of our ancestors who stood in the first Sacred circle and who are helping us clear the dust away so that we can hear the beating of our TRIBAL HEART

Michele: “In my heart I have always felt connected to the Nature that surrounds me and that I am part of that Creation.

Yet I have felt haunted by a longing to recognise and to connect to my own people, my own tribe.

Today, as I look into the faces of the people around me, I understand that I have found my Tribe. We are all ONE TRIBE and within us beats our TRIBAL HEART.”



Michele Averard & Stephanie Brent
Original Chants, Mantras and Songs
by these two acclaimed singer-songwriters