We Are One – CD DOWNLOAD version

This album is dedicated to the unity of all consciousness, to circles and to sound. We are one…

Once, long ago, human beings honoured stone circles and built them as sacred sites to honour the Gods and Goddesses of creation. They placed themselves around stone circles and sang songs at first wordless, sacred sounds with long drawn-out vowels. With the passage of time, the songs became words, more and more complex as language developed.

Then the Ego arose and recognize himself as a separate entity. The circle was broken and humanity dispersed, each tribe with its own language.

We are once again beginning to honour and recognise the circle as a sacred symbol of unity, of oneness with all of creation, with no beginning and no end.

We have come full circle since those remote times, and now, all over the world groups are celebrating, honouring and above all, raising their voices in song around circles of all kinds.

Michêle Averard


  1. Shamael 07:05
  2. Rain 04:54
  3. Universal Greeting 07:07
  4. Gaiatri Mantra       07:26
  5. Yemaya 08:40
  6. Yazim 05:09
  7. The Children of Light 03:29
  8. AH OM 07:29
  9. Goddess and God 05:36
  10. Maya 05:22
  11. We Are One – Somos Uno 02:39

Total playing time:     63.36



CD of original Chants and Mantras for Unity and raising consciousness