Sound Healer Diploma Training - Online Course

A Journey into the Power of Sound to Heal and Transform your Life and that of others.

No previous knowledge of Sound Therapy is required to sign up to this training.

Become a Sound Healing Practitioner and Therapist with two of Europe’s leading Sound Therapist Trainers.

Discover and Explore your own relationship to Sound. Develop your own skills and inner vibration, to become a Sound Healer, Therapist and/or Integrate Sound into the Therapies you already Practice.

Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard are internationally acclaimed Sound Therapists, authors, musicians and Workshop Facilitators who have trained thousands of people worldwide, in the therapeutic applications of Sound, Vibration and Voice for 26 years.


This training is for you if:

✔️ You are looking for true Transformation in your Life

✔️ You like to Sing and wish to Discover your Authentic Voice

✔️ You would like to Deepen your Knowledge and Experience of the Healing Power of Sound and Voice

✔️ You’re a Musician and would like to Explore the Therapeutic Power of the Voice and Instruments

✔️ You’re a Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Space Holder – and wish to include Sound in your Healing modality

✔️ You have no knowledge of Sound Healing but feel a deep calling within to Discover and Explore this world


“Our main emphasis is on the therapist and on the importance of understanding oneself as Vibration and developing the sensitivity, respect and mindfulness that is needed to be a Sound therapist/practitioner. By the end of the course you will have many different techniques at your disposal that will enable you to set up a Sound Therapy Practice or to incorporate Sound into the healing modality that you already practice”

We teach many different techniques and exercises including Freeing the Voice and applying the Voice as a therapeutic tool, Overtone Singing, Tuning Fork Therapy and Singing Bowl Therapy, as well as the use and application of several other sound healing instruments such as Gongs, Shaman drums and Ocean Drums to name a few. All of which can be applied in a one-to-one therapy session and/or experienced as a group session, such as a Sound Journey (Sound Bath).

An important and unique part of this course is Healing with Subtle Energy, through a process of visualizations that give one control of the subtle energy flows through the energy pathways of the body, chakras and energy fields, thus enhancing natural “clairvoyance” or deep intuition, which we all possess, and thus the ability to “read” or “see” what’s needed in the moment by your client. The energy work is, of course, combined with the sound and voice work. It is included in the therapeutic modules of the Training that involve working on a client: Healing with the Voice, Singing Bowl Therapy and Tuning Fork Therapy

Sound is the greatest of healers and will always help prioritize what is needed most in the moment. We trust in its natural and powerful process with an understanding that each person/client receives what they need to restore harmony at a physical, emotional and mental level.

Working with the Voice is by far the quickest and most effective approach for releasing emotions and blocks on all layers of consciousness. We offer several techniques and the program is designed so that the participants experience the healing effects on themselves before treating others. This course contains powerful vocal release techniques that are included in Michele’s Online Course, the 1st Module of this Training, “Free your Voice Heal your Life”, for the purpose of emotional release, changing past patterns, eliminating negative programming… First coming into contact with one’s emotions, then expressing them, then releasing them.

We also do this work with other tools such as the bowls and tuning forks, as well as demonstrating other instruments that work at this level, such as ocean drum, shaman drum, rain-sticks, chimes… all instruments that require no prior musical knowledge. There is plenty of theory and lots of practical demonstration. Everybody receives what they need from this course. We have 2,500+ graduates of the in-person course and almost all are already practicing as Sound Healers. It is a hands-on course with all theory followed immediately by practice. Each module, or video chapter, will include various practical techniques.