Sound Healer Training Belgium

Discover the Healing Power of Sound and Become a Sound Therapist!

A journey into the Power of Sound to Heal and Transform your Life and that of others. 

Discover and Explore your own relationship to Sound and Develop your own Unique Skills and Methods.

Become a Sound Therapist with two of Europe’s leading Sound Therapy Trainers and Integrate Sound into the Therapies you already practice

No previous knowledge of Sound Therapy is required to attend this course.

Two weeks of Training, Practice and Profound Transformation. 

In addition to being an Internationally acclaimed Training in Sound Therapy, this residential course is a powerful experience of Personal Growth, Self-healing, Transformation and Manifestation of your Intentions.

This training is for you if:

✔️ You are looking for true Transformation in your Life

✔️ You like to Sing and wish to Discover your Authentic Voice

✔️ You would like to Deepen your Knowledge and Experience of the Healing Power of Sound and Voice

✔️ You’re a Musician and would like to Explore the Therapeutic Power of the Voice and Instruments

✔️ You’re a Therapist and wish to include Sound in your Healing modality

✔️ You have no knowledge on Sound Healing but feel a deep calling within to Discover and Explore this world

No previous knowledge or experience of Sound Healing required.

Price and Booking

Single Payment option

1695 €

Payment Plan
650 €

€350 – Due 1 week before 23rd Sept 2023
€350 – Due 1 week before 28th Oct 2023
€350 – Due 1 week before 25th Nov 2023

Total Payment Plan €1700

The Price of the Training Includes:

• 4 Modules and additional content – 81 Hour Sound Healer Training (1 weekend every month – Sept / Oct / Nov / Dec)

• Sound Healer Training content stated below, please scroll down

• Training Manual + Notebook

• Practice instruments during the Training

• A certificate upon completion qualifying you as a professional Sound Healer Practitioner – accredited by The International Association of Sound Therapy


Module 1: Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September from 9:30 - 18:30

  • The Science and Theory of Sound Therapy: how sound affects us on all levels of our being.
  • Cymatics and other Sciences, such as Masaru Emoto’s work and others.
  • The relationship of Sound and Energy to Matter and Form. Shamanism and the origins and History of Sound Healing.
  • The Healing Power of Sound and Energy. Practical techniques to take conscious control of the energy that flows through us, using the power of Intention
  • Creative Visualization and the Voice: develop your natural abilities to Feel and Sense the effects of sound on yourself and others.
  • Cleansing, harmonizing and balancing the chakras and subtle bodies with Vocal Sounds.
  • Free your Healing Voice: Practical vocal and Intoning techniques to discover your authentic voice and its healing potential..

Module 2: Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th & Monday 30th of October from 9:30 - 18:30

  • Overtone Chant, Overtone Singing: Singing two simultaneous sounds by amplifying the pure, sine wave harmonics within your voice.
  • This ancient and potent technique is used by Shamans in Mongolia and Central Asia to resonate with Nature and purify the Mind and Spirit. In the last 3 decades this has become a refined Sound Healing tool. We will learn the basic techniques and therapeutic applications. Everyone will be singing Overtones within the first day of this module!
  • Sound as a tool for raising personal and planetary frequency & sacred Geometry:
    the relationship between Sound, Musical Intervals, Ratios and Form. The physical structure of Sound and its reflection in Nature. Harmonic re-patterning through Sound.
  • Tuning Forks and their application in Sound Health Therapy:
  • SonoPuncture- the application of Tuning Forks on reflex points of the meridians, feet, hands and spine,
  • Osteophony- the application of Tuning Forks on the articulations and other bony processes of the body,
  • Diaphony- the Bio-Energetic application of Tuning Forks on the Chakras and in the Subtle Energy Bodies (aura).
  • Intervals (the relationship between sounds) and their effect on the human system on mental, emotional and physical levels.

Module 3: Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th November 9:30 - 18:30

  • Singing Bowls, Himalayan and Quartz bowls: the origins, theory and applications in self–healing and applied healing.
  • Includes practical sessions on healing the physical and subtle bodies.
  • Voice and Energy work: continuation and refining what was initiated in the first Module with Michele
  • Conducting a Sound Healing Session with Protocols, Creating a safe and protected healing space and more.

Module 4: Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th of December 9:30 - 18:30

  • The use of colour in conjunction with other sound healing tools
  • Advanced energy management: protection and cleaning of spaces, rooms and energy fields, as well as the treatment area. How to give a complete Sound Healing session.
  • How to conduct a professional SOUND JOURNEY – Healing Session for groups, with a variety of Therapeutic and acoustic instruments. Instruction on the healing applications of each instrument.
  • Integrating other instruments: We will also discuss and demonstrate in the various modules during the Course the application and use of other instruments such as:
    Monochords and other string instruments / Gongs and hand-pans (Hang-drum type instruments) / Native American Flute, Overtone flute / Didgeridoo (and circular breathing) / Native Drums, Rattles, Ocean Drums and other instruments.
  • Harmonic Integration. Revising and integrating the entire course. Bringing all the Knowledge and Practice together into a harmonious whole. Exams in the form of Practical evaluation and award of diplomas.

Harmonic Integration: Evaluation and Certification

• Revising and integrating the entire course. Bringing all the Knowledge and Practice together into a harmonious whole

• Practical sessions of a Full Therapy Session to integrate all the tools of the Training

• Exams in the form of Practical evaluation 

• Diploma Ceremony

Additional Information

* The group is limited to 24 participants

* The training is given in English

* Venue: Steiner School, Mallekotstraat 43, Lier (Antwerp area) Belgium

*  Travel, overnight accomodation and meals not included in price and must be booked individually

* You will need to bring packed lunch, drinks and snacks for each day at the venue.