Tuning forks create a bridge between Sound and Form or structure. They are material or physical in nature, yet vibrate strongly enough to transmit that vibration. They also vibrate, as does the human body, according to specific harmonic proportions which reflect the geometry of their structure.

The phenomenon of sympathetic resonance is reinforced by their use on or around the body. From atom to molecule, to cells and DNA, the body is constructed from geometric forms that fit together to compose the whole. The tuning fork, by matching these Natural Ratios, “entrains” the body’s vibration and return it to its “optimum”, healthy vibration.

Tuning fork frequencies are effective tools for use in Sound healing, and can be used in conjunction with other instruments such as singing bowls and more importantly the voice and vocal harmonics (overtone chant).

Tuning forks emit pure sounds that are represented as pure sine waves, without any harmonics.

Originally invented to create a pure tone to which musicians could tune their instruments, tuning forks have become, in last 4 decades, important tools in medicine and alternative therapies. Because they eliminate their own overtones within a few seconds of striking, the pure resulting sound waves are rapidly transmitted throughout the nervous system and entire body with just a few applications.

The ears play an important role, re-transmitting the sounds to the nervous system and via the nerves to the major organs.

Application to the bones is perhaps the most effective method of treating whole zones of the body.

Bone is a particularly good conductor of Sound, it’s density increasing the speed of sound and radiating it out in all directions from the bones involved.

In this case the weighted forks are used, those that have round weights attached to ends of the prongs vibrate more forcefully, thus improving their efficiency on the physical body.

It is important to remember that the tuning forks are tools, and all tools can be used in many ways that may be completely original. We always encourage students to follow their intuition and their own inner ‘knowing’ when using the forks, and never to limit themselves to someone else’s system or structure.

As an introduction to the Healing power of Sound, the forks are practical and enjoyable to use. They can assist one to develop the confidence to try other sound tools such as the voice.

Tuning fork Frequencies and Tuning Fork Therapy

Tuning fork frequencies can be based on literally any cycle or circular motion. Sound is measured in cycles per second, so therefore every cycle has a sound. Many of the most effective forks used in Tuning fork therapy are based on Natural Cycles, such as the well-known OM Tuner or tuning fork, which is based on the cycle of one Earth Year, the most important cycle for life on Earth.

We have divided Tuning fork Treatments into 3 Basic Categories:

1.Sonopuncture: This term was invented a few years ago, and refers to the use of Tuning Forks on the acupuncture points, meridian points, hand and feet reflexology points, spinal reflex points, Shiatsu points and ALL other REFLEX POINTS of the body.

2.Osteophony: This name is from created from the Osteophonic Tuning Forks, or OTTO forks as John Beaulieu calls them. This is the application of Tuning forks to the articulations and any part of the skeleton. Bones transmit vibration more effectively than any other matter in the body.

3.Diaphony: This term is my own invention and refers to the use of Tuning forks in the Subtle Bodies, energy fields and energy centres (aura and chakras).

The Basics

To activate a tuning fork, one holds the single stem, and strikes the fork on a block of hard rubber or wood covered in leather or fabric. Make sure the surface cannot scratch the fork. Strike in such a way that only one of the two prongs touches the striking block, that is, at 90º to the surface. Hold only the stem or handle of the fork without touching the body or prongs.

 Applications of Tuning Forks in Tuning Fork Therapy

Firstly, the tuning forks can be used on the physical body. The stem of the activated fork can be placed on the bones and articulations to restore movement and flexibility, and aid the development of connective tissue. They stimulate the flow of lymph and blood to the area of application thereby speeding up the healing process, and promote deep relaxation and the elimination of built up stress and toxins from the joints.

Given our vibratory nature and that of the forks, it is fast and effective through sympathetic resonance to bring each meridian and its corresponding organ/s back into harmony.

Placing the activated fork near the ears (no closer than 5cms) helps also to balance and regulate the metabolism of all the organs, which have a direct link to the auditory nerve. This also has a powerful regulatory effect on the entire nervous system, creating deep relaxation or stimulation, depending on which forks are used.

We can also use the tuning forks very effectively in the bio-energetic fields around the body, known also as the subtle energy bodies or aura.


We offer a full introduction to various types of Tuning forks for healing and therapy, in addition to several practical sessions in our Sound Healing Training during a two-week residential course in Spain, and over a few weekends in Belgium and Sweden.

This is a comprehensive training in ALL areas of Sound Therapy and Sound Healing, and Tuning Fork Therapy forms an important basis of the training
Tuning Fork frequencies are used in the Bio-energetic fields around the body, on reflex points from healing disciplines such as Chinese medicine, Shiatsu, Do-in, Foot and hand Reflexology and others.

Tuning Forks are applied to the articulations and bony projections of the body for Ostephonic Tuning fork therapy.

Certain sets of forks are adapted for and used to balance and align the chakras and energetic bodies.
The above methods are used and practiced in the Sound Healer Training.

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