Sound Journeys

A profound and powerful experience of Healing Sound and Vibration.

What is a Sound Journey?

An authentic Sound Journey is where through Energy Work and deep Energy Management – a Sound Shaman or qualified, experienced Sound Therapist, creates a safe, secure container, a Sacred Space, well-grounded and energetically protected and clean.

Within this space, the participants, laying down around the instruments in the centre, are invited on a Sacred and Healing Journey through the application of Voice and other acoustic instruments. Mostly these are rich in Overtones, often indigenous or sacred instruments from different cultures based on Natural Tuning where possible.

The intention of the Sound Journey is for the participants to leave their physical body and mental-analytical mind behind, in the safe, energetic space created by the therapist or therapists if there are more than one. They are then free to Journey through the experience of themselves as Pure Vibration and Light, while also being able to access their inner vibrations at the cellular, molecular and DNA levels as well as all the information that is contained in their Bio-Field. It brings one out of active Beta brainwave states and induces Alpha and Theta brainwaves which are ideal for meditation and reprogramming. Healthy Endorphins are released, such as Serotonin and Nitric oxide that oxidizes the cells and helps metabolic processes and toxin elimination from the cells. For this reason we encourage participants to drink plenty of water after the session.

This experience allows one to Raise one’s Frequency, to overcome Karmic issues, clear away inherited DNA memories and negative patterns, and heal or clear physical, mental and emotional imbalances and blockages. It helps one open to receive Guidance and Knowledge from one’s Higher self and information from the Morphogenetic web to help heal oneself. One can plug into the Akashic Records and receive information and wisdom. For this reason, we encourage, or at least suggest, to the participants that they choose a Purpose before the Sound Journey begins. Something that they would like to heal on any of the levels mentioned above. They can also choose to ask for information on resolving an issue on a personal relationship or career level or any other area of their lives that requires an answer. Some people may want to search for a totem animal or contact their guides.

Michele and Nestor have been conducting Sound Journeys since 1998. They first had the inspiration to create the Sound Journey after having experienced trance drumming in a shamanic ceremony and a Tibetan bowl treatment where bowls were placed around the body. They decided to create a Group Sound Healing experience using the sounds of many different therapeutic and Sacred instruments from different traditions and cultures.

What is the duration of a Sound Journey? 60 min

Where is the Sound Journey held? At The Dome Center in Alclalalí, Alicante.