The Healing Voice Diploma Training-10 -26 July 2021

With Diploma from the International Association of Sound Therapy, Harmonic Sounds® at The Dome Center, Spain

2 Week Intensive Residential Training

Maximum 18 participants

Diploma certificate

For Beginners and Professionals

This is complementary to our Sound Healer Training in Sound Therapy




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    The Price of the Training Includes: Activities and materials for the training, and the practice instruments are provided. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (ovolactovegetarian. Special Needs menus can be provided for, with a daily added supplemental price, please contact us for this service).
    Accommodation at The Dome Center in shared bedrooms. If you decide to reserve accommodations elsewhere this will not affect the overall cost of the training.

    Due to the current COVID!) situation, we have revised and improved our Cancellation Policy,

    Increasing the period in which you can reserve with a partial payment deposit from 6 weeks (previously) to 10 days before the event. This makes it simpler to return you your partial payment in the event that the course or Training is cancelled.

    See our Cancellation Policy Below




    Pay a Deposit now and the balance 10 days before the Training

    € 500 book now

    € 1450 10 days before starting


    For deposits or partial payments paid as reservation: In the case that we cancel the event we will return your deposit. In case of cancellation due to Force Majeure (COVID or natural disasters) which are not our responsibility, your deposit can be used for any of the 3 following Trainings during the year 2021. If you inform us that this will not be possible then we will return your deposit. If you cancel at the last minute for other reasons than your deposit will not be returned.

    For bookings with payment in full (with or without discount): In case of cancellation by us, we will return your payment in full. . In case of cancellation due to Force Majeure (COVID or natural disasters) which are not our responsibility, your deposit can be used for any of the 3 following Sound Healer Trainings during the year 2021 OR The Healing Voice 2022,. If you inform us that this will not be possible then we will return your deposit

    If you cancel without good reason then there is no return of payment, or only a return of 50% of your payment if you have proof of severe illness or in case of the death of a close family member (life-partner, children. siblings or parents)

    We recommend that you take out full travel insurance that covers all your travel, flights, medical etc and if possible your participation in the course so in case of unforeseen circumstance you may be able to claim, using the invoice that would issue under those circumstances.

    ✔ Free your Authentic Voice and learn to transmit your essential energy through your voice.
    ✔ Embody and Empower your sound.
    ✔ Gain confidence in all aspects of communication, from singing to speaking in public.
    ✔ Learn techniques to enhance your singing, chanting and energy management.
    ✔ Learn techniques and processes to experience and create well-being and harmony with your voice.
    ✔ Learn how to hold space, support and guide others in their journey of vocal discovery, exploration and healing.

    Nestor Kornblum – Overtone Singing – “The Essence of Harmony” (+INFO)

     Michele Averard – Free your Healing Voice (+INFO)

    are internationally acclaimed workshop Facilitators who have trained thousands in the therapeutic applications of Sound, Vibration and Voice for 22 years.

    They are co-founders and co-directors of the International Association of Sound Therapy (I.A.S.T)


    Tànit Navarro

    Mamacanta: “Accompanying New Life with the Voice” (+INFO)

    oscar j

    Oscar Jareño

    “Sing Your Body”- Percussion as an Accompaniment to Song in Traditional Music (+INFO)


    Charli Kornblum

    “Ancestral Voice” Song Weaver – Vocal Coach (+INFO)

    Your voice is the most powerful and healing instrument that holds the medicine of your own unique vibration.

    In all cultures and civilizations throughout history, the Voice has played a vital role in the growth and development of human beings, in community and general well-being at a personal and social level.

    During the 25 years that we have been offering a Certified Training Program in Sound Therapy and Sound Healing we have experienced that the Voice is by far the most powerful, immediate and effective instrument for Healing and Transformation.

    The Healing Voice training includes a varied range of vocal methods, techniques and modalities, with the objective of using Healing Voice techniques on all levels of one’s being: the physical, mental, emotional, bio-energetic and spiritual.

    We have selected highly experienced and qualified facilitators and coaches in the field of Voice and Voice Healing or Therapy. Each will share their unique knowledge and experience through a variety of processes and techniques which everyone will be able to apply in their healing practice with clients, groups or for themselves. The program will be of great use in music in general and all forms of singing.

    The different methods will be united to form a Holistic way of working with the voice. We give students a Diploma for this Training approved by the I.A.S.T (International Association of Sound Therapy) of which we are founder members, as well as the Asociación de Terapia de Sonido (Spain). This training is also complementary to our 2 Week Sound Healer Training.

    ✔ ANYONE WITH A VOICE MAY ATTEND THIS TRAINING – No previous Musical or Singing Experience is required


    The Dome Center

    Our Center is a space for retreats, courses and activities in beautiful Natural surroundings, situated in the village of Alcalalí, Alicante, Spain

    The Dome was especially created for it’s  powerful acoustic resonance. It is a Healing and Sacred space for connecting with Sound and Intention.


    The Dome Center

    Our Center is a space for retreats, courses and activities in beautiful Natural surroundings, situated in the village of Alcalalí, Alicante, Spain

    The Dome was especially created for it’s  powerful acoustic resonance. It is a Healing and Sacred space for connecting with Sound and Intention.


     📌 Free Your Healing Voice with Michele Averard 

    • Breathing exercises for correct functioning of the diaphragm
    • Your Body is your Instrument
    • Explore the therapeutic effect of defining your register
    • Free your Voice from negative programming
    • Liberate and heal yourself from emotions that are blocking. Your ability to Sing and express yourself
    • Sound and intention. Techniques for directing your Sound for healing on the Subtle and Physical bodies.
    • Your Name is Your Mantra. The healing potential of the Name And its therapeutic effects.
    • Exploring the vowels and their powerful healing effects on the Chakras and Bio-Field.
    • The Joy of singing Chants and sacred songs from different Traditions

     📌 Overtone Singing: The Essence of Harmony with Nestor Kornblum

    • Introduction to the Science, Theory and History of Overtones
    • Understanding the Harmonic Series, Pythagoras, the monochord, musical intervals of the harmonic series and harmonic proportions
    • Warm-up and preparation exercises for Overtone singing
    • The Basic techniques of Overtone Singing, in two main styles, on day 1
    • The Therapeutic applications and benefits of Overtone singing: Exercises too
    • Meditation, Focusing, Mindfulness and other applications
    • More advanced exercises for the completion of the 2 main styles, enabling rapid advancement
    • Further revision during the 2 Week period, with more exercises for progressing in the techniques
    • Suggestions and demonstrations of how Overtone singing can be combined with other forms of singing, from the shamanic to more traditional singing, or with changes in the Fundamental pitch of the voice instead of the more common: held- fundamental or drone

     📌 ​Voice and Nada Brahma Yoga 

           (shared between facilitators)

    • Discover and strengthen parts of the body involved in vocal sound production
    • Consciously create and strengthen your unique musical instrument
    • Connect to your creative power
    • Find your True Voice
    • Access inner consciousness through sound
    • Use musical scales inside energetic centres to deepen auditive and kinaesthetic
    • Techniques help you to sing in tune
    • Learn powerful mantra (Sacred chanting from India)
    • Learn devotional songs
    • Open the heart, the Divine Within

    📌 Sing Your Body with Oscar Jareño – Percussion as an accompaniment to song in traditional music.

    In ancient times people sang as part of their way of Life and it became necessary to accompany these songs and chants with musical instruments. In many cases these instruments were tools or other objects taken from the labours of daily life. Rhythm and the knowledge of rhythm were essential, being transmitted from generation to generation by practical, experiential and oral tradition.
    In this Module, we will study some traditional rhythms and songs of the Iberian Peninsula as well as the techniques and interpretation they require, in order to adapt them to our Body and our Moment. This will take place in a completely secure and caring space, where, through a very specific type of bodywork we will have a deep encounter with our own Voice.

    📌 MamaCanta with Tànit Navarro (loose translation- Mother-Song or Mother Sings..). “Accompanying New Life with the Voice”. Vocal Resources and skills to accompany Pregnancy, Before and after Birth.

    In my Module of this Training I will share my 12 years of experience with Vocal accompaniment for pregnant women, families with babies and the training of professionals in the area of
    Prenatal care. The methodology of Mamacanta is also applicable and valid for other types of
    groups and individuals with a desire to live the experience of a Vocal Rebirth.

    In the 2 days of work and exploration we’ll spend together, we will investigate and deepen our
    experience in the following aspects:

    • Consciousness of the body as a resonating instrument. The bones and our Sonic structure. The perception of the Voice through the skin. Connections between the phonic apparatus and the sonic. Relaxation of the diaphragm.
    • Voice Massage applied to pregnancy, birth and postnatal processes
    • The Sonic Link with the baby (before, during and after birth)
    • Chants and Lullabyes of the world for the mother, baby and the family.
    • The Creation of Empowering Chants

     📌 Ancestral Voice with Charli Kornblum

    • Breath as a reflection of our sound. Conscious breathing exercises and practices to deepen our relationship with our life force and willingness to surrender.  How we breathe is how we sound.
    • Embodying your voice and strengthening your vocal capacity, understanding where the energy of your sound is born from.
    • Honoring your voice, honoring the voice of others.
    • Awakening, liberating and listening to the sounds of the Earth. Connecting with ancient timelines and sacred songlines deep within.
    • Vocal play and improvisation. Connecting with your inner child.
    • Cleaning and clearing of limiting beliefs, old patterns and deep programming associated to shame and embarrassment around our sacred voice.
    • The power and importance of sound and movement.
    • Create your own medicine chant. The song of the moment.
    • Energy and healing work with voice.
    • Singing circle and sharing.
    • Falling in love with your authentic and wild voice. Reclaiming your rawness.
    • And more…



    All meals are included. The food will be prepared by a qualified organic cook, and will be fully organic and vegetarian. Where possible local produce is used. Our excellent cooks are able to provide for special needs diets, such as gluten free and so on, although there will be an additional charge of €7 PER DAY due to the extra work involved and the cost of alternative ingredients.


    Will be at The Dome Center, in rooms for 2 or 4, and in two wooden cabins for up to 4 people. The rooms for 4 contain Bunk Beds. Let us know if you cannot have a top bunk.

    You may arrange additional nights by contacting us, if your flight plans require. Depending on the events at the Dome, additional nights may be in a nearby Country Inn/ B&B within 5 minutes’ walk of The Dome, at your expense.

    If you require a single room this can also be arranged at an additional cost in a nearby Rural B & B, only 5 minutes’ walk from The Dome.


    ARRIVAL. 10th July before 7pm
    DEPARTURE: Morning of 26th July after breakfast. 10am

    If you need more information, contact us in the form: