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Sounding The Sacred Feminine 23-28 August 2022

a 6 day transformational, liberating and powerful journey through the Healing Power of the Voice.

The intention of this Woman’s Voice Course is to empower the women that attend. We will meet in the heartland as Sisters and return to the creative pulse of our voices. Sacred, powerful and vulnerable. Just as we are. This is a course that is based on a deep respect & understanding of the healing properties of Sound Healing. We will be holding space and guiding you through a 6 day “Women’s Sound Quest”.

We will offer you a safe and loving environment that will support and encourage you to reclaim the vibration of your Sacred Feminine. Through the enchanting and powerful journey of the Voice and the medicine of the shamanic drum and other healing instruments in our sound family, you will have the opportunity to reconnect, discover and develop your creative essence.

You will learn powerful tools, processes and methods that will awaken your full potential and serve you in your everyday life.

We will guide you in understanding your body, your instrument, as the Sacred Sounding temple it is. There will be much laughter and some tears, and most of all there will be a remembering of the ancient singing circles and the voices of our ancestors, where we will sing and dance to the beat of our Mother Earth.

Woman, we welcome you on this journey. 🌹✨


Limited spaces

Includes: Accommodation in shared room, all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) + activities

Early bird 550€ (until June 30th) • 595 € from July 1st

12% discount (523 €) for Harmonic Sounds graduates and for those who have received 1:1 Voice Coaching by Charli Kornblum

*Please contact us directly via email for the discount offer: info@harmonicsounds.com

Arrival: August 23rd – from 17:00 / Departure: August 28th – after lunch, around 16:00

In this Women’s Sound Quest you will:

✧ Awaken your Authentic Voice and Fall in love with your Sacred Sound

✧ Discover the Healing Power of your Voice

✧ Learn to transmit your Essential Energy through your Voice

✧ Grow confidence in Singing and Communication

✧ Awaken your Potential, Creativity and Flow

✧ Learn Self-Healing vocal techniques to apply on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies

✧ Free yourself from Limiting Conditioning and Beliefs

✧ Learn vocal embodiment and empowerment practices

✧ Remember Oneness through Connection and Unity in Sisterhood

✧ Create your own Medicine Chants

✧ Enjoy special activities to nourish your soul, such as: Sound Journey, Women’s Circle, Song Circle, Trip to ancient Caves

…and more!

Held at The Dome Center in Alcalalí (Alicante, Spain)

*6 days of learning, exploring, relaxing and enjoying the power of your Voice.

*With vegan food, evening activities, swimming pool and beautiful countryside.

"We will meet in the 'Heartland' as Sisters and Awaken to the creative pulse of our Voices."

Michele Averard and Charli Kornblum, dynamic mother-and-daughter team, will take you on a deep journey of empowerment, healing and self love through your very own sacred vocal instrument.


Michele Averard:

Dir. of The Assoc. of Sound Therapy
Author of “Free Your Voice, Heal Your Life!

Michele Averard is co-director and co-founder of The International Association of Sound Therapy – Harmonic Sounds®. She is an internationally recognized Sound Therapist, Workshop Facilitator, Singer-Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist and Author of book “Free Your Voice, Heal Your Life”.

Since 1994 she has conducted courses, workshops and conferences on the healing power of Sound and particularly the Voice. With her husband, Nestor Kornblum, she has created and published more than 10 CDs of healing music. Michele has been interviewed and featured in television and radio programs in several countries, in addition to writing articles for magazines and other publications.

During the last 27 years Michêle has also conducted courses for women which focus on the celebration of femininity and the healing of emotional and psychological issues from childhood through the use of various Sound techniques. She has worked with children, teaching sound awareness, basic energy work and musical improvisation.

She has collaborated in many musical projects and 12 years ago formed, and continues to direct, an all-women’s chanting group called “Las Voces de Gaia”.

Connect with Michele

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Charli Kornblum:

Holistic Voice Coach · Voice Therapist · Sound Therapist · Song Weaver

Charli Kornblum is a Holistic Voice Practitioner, Vocal Coach, Sound Therapist, Song Weaver and Overtone Singer. Charli has performed in numerous festivals internationally, as a solo act and together with her partner Heiko Bloemers. Her songs and chants are an expression of liberation and freedom, an offering to the consciousness of the planet, and for whom ever resonates and connects with them. Singing for healing and re-connection, voicing her truth, experiences, sharing her feelings towards the universe and the sacred earth – always with the intention of spreading awareness, love and authenticity.

She offers Voice & Song workshops, 1-1 Holistic Voice Coaching, Sound Therapy Treatments and Sound Journey’s worldwide. Guiding and helping one to feel the vibration of their essence through their voice, releasing emotional and physical blockages to open one’s self to a path of remembrance and new beginnings.

Guiding you to get in touch and feel comfortable with your voice – through various processes that gift you tools to help you embrace the confidence to sing for you, for others, for who ever and when ever. Guiding you and helping you find your way of expressing yourself authentically through your voice. Because the expression of your soul through song is your birth right.

In recent years Charli has been holding Women’s Circles, creating safe spaces for Women to feel supported and heard, guiding women to connect with the Voice of their Womb.

Connect with Charli

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