Tànit Navarro

Voice Therapist · Singer-Songwriter & Musician

Module: Mamacanta "Accompanying New Life with the Voice"

Vocal Resources and skills to accompany pregnancy, birth and postpartum With Tànit Navarro. I feel fortunate to be part of this marvellous Training which offers different proposals of how to Live the different paths of Sound; and the Vocal Empowerment that is offered by exceptional professionals with years of experience in the field.

In my Module of this Training I will share my 10 years of experience with Vocal accompaniment for pregnant women, families with babies and the training of professionals in the area of Prenatal care. The methodology of Mamacanta is also applicable and valid for other types of groups and individuals with a desire to live the experience of a Vocal Rebirth.

Content of the Mamacanta “Accompanying New Life with the Voice” module with Tànit Navarro:

In the 2 days of work and exploration we’ll spend together, we will investigate and deepen our experience in the following aspects:

* Consciousness of the body as a resonating instrument.
* The bones and our Sonic structure.
* The perception of the Voice through the skin.
* Connections between the phonic apparatus and the sonic. 
* Relaxation of the diaphragm.
* Voice Massage applied to pregnancy, birth and postnatal processes.
* The Sonic Link with the baby (before, during and after birth).
* Chants and Lullabyes of the world for the mother, baby and the family.
* The Creation of Empowering Chants.


I have dedicated more than 20 years to the world of Voice, Creative expression and Self-knowledge. I have explored different avenues such as theatre, World music, vocal improvisation and all of this trajectory has led me to create 2 methods of Voice Work: The Essential Voice and MamaCanta, both of which methods I teach all over Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

I have 3 self-published CDs/discs: “Iandé” (2011), “Nueve Lunas” – (9 Moons) (2013) dedicated to Maternity, the last being “Saliendo de la Cueva” (Coming out of the Cave) produced by Luis Paniagua (2016).

To find out more about me and my work please visit my website: www.tanitnavarro.com