Graduates of the Sound Healer Diploma Training share their experience with Harmonic Sounds®

"I highly recommend any training with this family!!! They have dedicated their lives to sound and energy healing and there is such deep embodied wisdom in all of their offerings."
Charmaine Berg
"Wonderful, engaging and experienced sound healing teachers who created a supportive, positive, insightful and healthy learning environment, that was practical, magical and that made learning a lot of information fun. Course was full of fascinating material. Food was amazing too! Highly recommend."
Emma Thomas
"Moments of deep healing journeys in loving atmosphere and beautiful nature stillness - trees, water, flowers, fire under the sky of Pacha Mama. Great guidance with great souls that give their knowledge generously in sacred space. Grateful for this unique life experience!"
"Such a great place and space for healing, learning and connecting with yourself and others from the inside out. Also, the people who live, own and teach in this space are knowledgeable, caring and passionate about what they do. I having nothing but love and respect for all of them."
Kerry Cataline
"A Life changing experience. Sound generates profound healing, and this place and the beautiful souls who run it are beyond amazing. Highly recommended!"
Anne De Chazal
"Marvellous experience. Truly inspiring, powerful and magical!"
Davide Scarenzio
"Michele & Nestor. Your teachings and courses are so profoundly life changing. You both share your Wisdom, and knowledge of Sound so naturally and effortlessly - and I find myself remembering and learning still so much from your teachings. The amazing Dome and place and space in which one studies and stays is still in my heart, it's so beautiful. Thank you. Love, Light and Sound."
BeJay Watson