The Healing Voice Training

Unlock, Free and Discover the Healing Power of your Voice, Become a Voice Therapist!

A journey into the Power of The Voice to Heal and Transform your Life and that of others. 

Discover and Explore your relationship to your Voice and Develop your own Unique Skills and Methods to become a Vocal Sound Healer/Vocal Sound Therapist, and/or integrate Voice and Vocal Techniques into the Therapies you already practice.

Become a Vocal Sound Healing Practitioner/Vocal Sound Healing Therapist with two of Europe’s leading Sound Therapy Trainers

No previous Singing or Musical experience is required. Anyone with a voice may attend this training.

Two weeks of Training, Practice and Profound Transformation

In addition to being an Internationally acclaimed Training in Voice Therapy, this residential course is a powerful experience of Personal Growth, Self-healing, Transformation and Manifestation of your Intentions.

This training course is for you if:

✔️ You are looking for true Transformation in your Life

✔️ You want to learn techniques to enhance your Singing, Chanting and Energy Management abilities

✔️ You want to gain Confidence in all aspects of Communication, from Singing to Speaking in public

✔️ You want to Free your Authentic Voice and learn to transmit your Essential Energy through your Voice

✔️ You want to Embody and Empower your Sound

✔️ You want to learn Techniques and Processes to experience and create Well-being and Harmony with  your Voice

✔️ You want to learn how to Hold Space, Support and Guide others in their Journey of Vocal Discovery, Exploration and Healing.

No previous knowledge or experience of Voice Healing required.

“Unforgettable. Thank you so much. Thank you for allowing me to experience the deeply ancestral feeling of being a human being on this planet through music in infinite ways. These two weeks brought me many tough insights about my body, my voice and my ego. They also showed me compassion, love and understanding in a wider sense than ever before. Beauty in every way. I am forever grateful for everything.”

– Anine Camilla (Norway)

Price and Booking

Single Payment Option

2450 €

Two Payment Option

500 €

The balance of 1950€ to be paid 6 weeks before the start of the course. Final price: 2450€.

The Price of the Training Includes: 

• 5 modules and additional content – 130 Hour Healing Voice Training

Healing Voice Training content stated below, please scroll down

• Training Manual + Notebook

•  All meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Breakfast offers Vegetarian options, Lunch and Dinner is 100% Vegan). Special Needs menus can be provided for, with a daily added supplemental price, please contact us for this service

•  Accommodation at The Dome Center in shared bedrooms
If you decide to reserve accommodations elsewhere this will not affect the overall cost of the training
• A certificate upon completion qualifying you as a professional Voice Healer Practitioner – accredited by The International Association of Sound Therapy

Your voice is a powerful and healing instrument that holds the medicine of your own unique vibration.

In all cultures and civilizations throughout history, the Voice has played a vital role in the growth and development of human beings, in community and general well-being at a personal and social level.

During the 25 years that we have been offering a Certified Training Program in Sound Therapy and Sound Healing we have experienced that the Voice is by far the most powerful, immediate and effective instrument for Healing and Transformation.

The Healing Voice training includes a varied range of vocal methods, techniques and modalities, with the objective of using Healing Voice techniques on all levels of one’s being: the physical, mental, emotional, bio-energetic and spiritual.

We have selected highly experienced and qualified facilitators and coaches in the field of Voice and Voice Healing or Therapy. Each will share their unique knowledge and experience through a variety of processes and techniques which everyone will be able to apply in their healing practice with clients, groups or for themselves. The program will be of great use in music in general and all forms of singing.

No musical experience is required  to attend this training, as the principal objective is to reconnect with the Natural Voice that we all have and in this way feel more complete and in harmony with our innermost selves.

Meet the Facilitators of The Healing Voice Training

Michele Averard

Free Your Healing Voice

Sound Therapist · Voice Therapist

Singer-Songwriter & Musician

Nestor Kornblum

Overtone Singing: The Essence of Harmony

Sound Therapist · Overtone Singer


Tànit Navarro


Accompanying New Life with the Voice

Voice Therapist · Singer-Songwriter & Musician

Óscar Jareño

Sing Your Body

Musician · Singer-Songwriter


Charli Kornblum

Ancestral Voice: Vocal Alchemy, Embodiment and Empowerment

Vocal Coach · Voice Therapist · Sound Therapist Song Weaver

* The training is given in English and Spanish

* The group is limited to 22 participants

* There is one free day for rest in the middle of the training