The Voice of the Desert

Travel to Marrakech and to the desert of Merzouga on a journey through the Power of the Voice, Sound Healing, and Chants of the World with Michele Averard and Tànit Navarro.

For people who would like to:

✔️ Explore and empower their vocal potential

✔️ Free their voice from past programming

✔️ Experience their divine vibration

✔️ Reconnect with their healing chants

✔️ Enjoy their creative expression

✔️ Adventure in magical environments

No previous knowledge or experience on Sound Healing and/or Voice Healing required.

Throughout this retreat Michele Averard & Tànit Navarro, will combine and share their knowledge of the powerful world of Sound Healing, Voice Activation and the Sacred Chants of the World.

We invite you to connect with your vibrational essence in this inspiring and spectacular environment.

The first 7 days will be hosted by Linda Mcpherson in her beautiful and tranquil Riad “Dar Azhara”, bordering the Atlas Mountains and just 30mins from Marrakech.

There will be daily sessions of Sound Healing with the enthuses on exploring the Voice and your unique vibration.

There will also be evening activities and a cultural trip to the Medina, Hammams for relaxation and delicious food from Fatima, master chef in Moroccan cooking!

We then continue to the Desert of Merzuga, via a night in a hotel. The following day we will travel to an encampment where we will continue sessions while contemplating the mystical surroundings of the dunes, the brilliant star lite sky, and the silence.

In this Voice and Sound Healing Retreat you will:

✧ Experience your body as the Instrument

Learn conscious Diaphragmatic Breathing

Give voice to your Bio-Fields and Energy centers

Receive instruction on Toning and Vocal Harmonics (Overtone Chanting)

Discover your healing sounds for raising your frequency

Create your own Power Chants

Learn the Sacred chants from the Áraboandalusí, Sefardí, Yoruba, Lakota…

…and more!

No prior experience or knowledge required on the topics mentioned above.


13 Day Voice & Sound Healing Retreat at the Riad “Dar Azahra” in Marrakech + Desert Adventure

Price: 2,200€ Date: 01.03.24 – 13.03.24 (includes arrival and departure days)

Day 1: Arrival day with pickup from the airport of Marrakesh

Day 2: Full day Voice & Sound Healing sessions with Michele Averard & Tanit Navarro

Day 3: Full day Voice & Sound Healing sessions with Michele Averard & Tanit Navarro

Day 4: Trip to Marrakesh including guided tour of Medina and evening activity

Day 5: Full day Voice & Sound Healing sessions with Michele Averard & Tanit Navarro

Day 6: Full day Voice & Sound Healing sessions with Michele Averard & Tanit Navarro

Day 7: Free day, evening close of the Retreat in the Riad

Day 8: Travel to the halfway Hotel

Day 9: Arrival to the Desert Tents and evening activity

Day 10: Voice & Sound Healing Desert experience with Michele Averard & Tanit Navarro

Day 11: Voice & Sound Healing Desert experience with Michele Averard & Tanit Navarro

Day 12: Travel to the halfway Hotel

Day 13: Arrival back to the Riad “Dar Azahra”, closing ceremony and departure to the airport of Marrakesh


The price does not include:

  • Plane tickets.
  • Travel insurance.

Extras not included in the price:

  • Hammam.
  • Massage with argan oil.
  • 1h camel ride through the desert.
  • Travel in a 4×4 to a nearby village for tea in the desert.

The price includes

  • Accommodation with full board in Riad Dar Azhra.
  • Accommodation with full board in the desert & half way Hotel.
  • Travel to & from the desert.
  • Pick up and transfer to Marrakech airport.
  • Voice and sound therapy sessions with Michelle Averard and Tanit Navarro
  • Excursion to the Medina of Marrakech with a guide.


Useful tips:

* What documents do I need to travel?
A passport valid for at least 6 months from the departure of the trip.

* What COVID requirements exist to enter Morocco?
Currently, (please check closer to date of departure) the Government of Morocco requests the complete vaccination schedule or a negative PCR at least 48 hours before the trip.

* Do I need travel insurance?
We recommend that each person take out travel insurance and that it covers possible medical expenses.

* What currency is used in Morocco?
The currency is the Moroccan Dirham.

* Should I bring cash?
At the airport you can exchange euros for dirhams and we recommend bringing cash to shops, restaurants and markets, since they do not usually accept credit or debit cards.

Meet your Facilitators

Michele Averard

Dir. of The Assoc. of Sound Therapy

Author of “Free Your Voice, Heal Your Life!

Michele Averard is co-director and co-founder of The International Association of Sound Therapy – Harmonic Sounds®. She is an internationally recognized Sound Therapist, Workshop Facilitator, Singer-Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist and Author of book “Free Your Voice, Heal Your Life”.

Since 1994 she has conducted courses, workshops and conferences on the healing power of Sound and particularly the Voice. With her husband, Nestor Kornblum, she has created and published more than 10 CDs of healing music. Michele has been interviewed and featured in television and radio programs in several countries, in addition to writing articles for magazines and other publications.

During the last 27 years Michêle has also conducted courses for women which focus on the celebration of femininity and the healing of emotional and psychological issues from childhood through the use of various Sound techniques. She has worked with children, teaching sound awareness, basic energy work and musical improvisation.

She has collaborated in many musical projects and 12 years ago formed, and continues to direct, an all-women’s chanting group called “Las Voces de Gaia”.


Connect with Michele via

instagram | youtube

Tanit Navarro

Voice Therapist · Singer-Songwriter & Musician

Tanit Navarro has dedicated more than 20 years to the world of Voice, Creative expression and Self-knowledge. She has explored different avenues such as theatre, world music, vocal improvisation and all of this trajectory has led her to create 2 methods of Voice Work: The Essential Voice and MamaCanta, both of which methods she teaches all over Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Tanit has 3 self-published CDs/discs: “Iandé” (2011), “Nueve Lunas” – (9 Moons) (2013) dedicated to Maternity, the last being “Saliendo de la Cueva” (Coming out of the Cave) produced by Luis Paniagua (2016).


To find out more Tanit and her work please visit her website:

Connect with Tanit via